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Cintas Review

By Bennett Conlin, writer
| Updated
Aug 26, 2019
Image Credit: LightFieldStudios / Getty Images
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Cintas offers both standard water delivery services of individual bottles and a water cooler option called WaterBreak. Neither option is overly flashy, and they are both solid options for offices.



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The Verdict

The WaterBreak is a good option for businesses that want a simple water dispenser, and Cintas' customer support is excellent.

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If your company is at a trade show or is sponsoring an event and you want to promote your business in a big way, Cintas can print your brand or logo on individual bottles of water, which you can then pass out to clients or potential customers.  

The WaterBreak is a good option if you're looking for a simple water dispenser to avoid the necessary delivery of large gallon jugs. The WaterBreak is affordable, and Cintas' customer support is exceptional. Monthly check-ins and maintenance are included in the monthly fee.


Cintas' pricing varies depending on your solution.

If you want to purchase privately labeled water bottles, costs range from $1.25 to $3.50 per bottle. Many of those bottles are 8 fluid oz, which is small, but for a one-time marketing purchase, the prices are fair. Handing out cold plastic water bottles with your company logo on them can be a good marketing tactic at trade shows or any other events, especially if you're attending an outdoor event during the summer.

For the WaterBreak, there is a 36-month service agreement. It costs $15 per week and is billed out as $60 per month, so four of the 52 weeks in a year are free. The service agreement can be canceled at any time.

The $60 monthly fee includes monthly maintenance, replacement filters and any necessary repairs. When you consider the monthly service, the $60 monthly price is fair as well. Regular filter replacements and cleanings help ensure the dispenser provides your customers and employees with sanitary drinking water throughout the year.


The WaterBreak's features aren't overwhelming. It's a good model with some standard features, but there's nothing mind-blowing about what Cintas offers in terms of features.

Main features included a closed water system, which keeps water cold. Cintas says the WaterBreak has twice the cooling ability compared to other leading units on the market. There are hot water safety features as well. The three temperature offerings are cold, room temperature and hot.

A final feature is the self-draining drip tray, which helps ensure the machine is clean and visually appealing.

While the WaterBreak's features are straightforward, simple features can be a positive. The dispenser is easy to use, and there's no learning curve necessary, which is a plus. 

While it's not necessarily a feature, Cintas is another company that steers away from delivering massive gallon jugs of water. If your business wants to use a water cooler for environmental or convenience reasons, the WaterBreak deserves some consideration.

Water Assortment

Water assortment with the custom branded individual bottles is limited. Most of the bottles available were of the 8 oz variety; sparkling or flavored water is not available.

The WaterBreak doesn't offer much of assortment either; it doesn't offer sparkling or flavored water. For businesses that prefer to stick with filtered drinking water, the WaterBreak is a quality option.

Customer Support

Cintas offers sound customer support. A company representative installs the WaterBreak. Each month thereafter, a Cintas representative services the WaterBreak, which includes draining the internal bottle, restocking cups, cleaning the machine and changing the water filter.

We contacted Cintas, posing as a small business owner interested in its water delivery service. The customer service and sales representatives we spoke to were both polite, courteous and upbeat. They knew their products well and responded to our inquiries in a timely fashion. We spoke with a customer service rep who gave us all the information we needed in a matter of minutes.

Customer service doesn't tend to be the most important factor when buying a water cooler or dispenser, but it helps to know that Cintas offers quality customer support on the phone. With good support on the phone and a monthly check up on your WaterBreak machine, it's clear Cintas emphasizes customer support.

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The Best Water Delivery Services of 2020

The Verdict

The WaterBreak is a good option for businesses that want a simple water dispenser, and Cintas' customer support is excellent.

Bennett Conlin
Bennett Conlin
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