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Cision Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Cision, a public relations service, offers software that monitors social media and public sites across the world, including the most popular social media platforms, millions of blogs and forums, video channels, and review sites. In addition, it has a social media management dashboard so that you can respond to posts or make posts of your own. Its social media analytics enable you to evaluate your traffic, see how you compare to your competitors, discover key influencers and determine your online marketing campaign's success.

Cision’s social media monitoring platform can analyze sentiment in several languages with 80% to 90% accuracy, according to assessments by Vision Technologies, which created the software. It does this by using a combination of its own proprietary sentiment analysis software and the standard Natural Language Processing techniques most social media monitoring software companies use. In addition, it allows you to set thresholds of uncertainty for sentiment and to train it to recognize particular phrasings as good or bad.

In addition, this social listening program has a feature for finding leads. The Human Intent API helps you identify people who are interested in or poised to purchase your type of product so that you can interact with them to help close the sale. It can also identify leads who are not at the buying stage yet. This API can also work with other applications.

It has several analysis tools, including competitive analysis so you can measure yourself against similar businesses in your field. You can get reports on conversion analytics, impressions, share of voice and customer engagement. In addition, this social media monitoring software integrates with other customer relationship management and business intelligence software.

The social media management platform lets you put up to 10 social media accounts on its platform so you can work with all your social media through one dashboard. You can schedule posts and use the drag-and-drop ability to share between accounts. You can also set user permissions so that departments or employees only access the parts of the program they need.

Cision collects and analyzes a massive amount of information, filtering out the spam and analyzing the data for sentiment and purchase intent. It also allows you to track and respond to comments and posts. It looks at not only social media, but blogs and news sites to give you a comprehensive view of your company's online presence and performance. The tools and integrations it provides help you make the best use of the information.

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