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Clarizen Review editorial staff, writer
| Updated
Jan 09, 2019
> Business Basics

Customers such as Box, Cisco Capital, Equifax and Sodexo use Clarizen to increase their project efficiency and transparency. This online project management solution provides customized systems for project managers, IT teams, professional services, Agile development and marketing teams. Clarizen is fully configurable, runs in a secure environment and supports custom integrations.



Project Management & Task Management Software Buying Guide

The Verdict

Compared to other project management systems, Clarizen is one of the easiest to use, especially for such a high-end product. It's an experienced company that has worked with many Fortune 500 companies.

The newest version features additional reporting options, new mobile features, conditional formatting, resource load improvement and additional data-analysis features. All upgrades are free to existing customers. New reports include additional project-analysis reports, such as financial and profitability reports. It also has increased its presence in the U.S. by adding new corporate headquarters in San Mateo, California. Clarizen also provides 24-hour support. Overall, it supports customers in nearly 80 countries from its offices in San Mateo, Tel Aviv and London.

Clarizen offers three versions – professional, enterprise and unlimited. The professional version can be obtained for as little as $30 per user per month. Each version offers additional features, such as access to APIs, customizable dashboards, support for more custom fields and increased data usage allotments. Four license types are available – full, team member, time and expense, and social. Email-only licenses are free. As with most project management companies, pricing is negotiable based on the number of licenses, the contract term and whether you pay in advance.

The administration features are notably simple to use. The interface is clean and uncluttered. You can choose from six different views, and nearly every module of the software is available via the left navigation bar. It includes numerous project templates, so new projects can easily be created using tried-and-tested templates. Clarizen can also import data from Microsoft Projects, which could save you some time if other departments use that software. Another feature we found useful is its search tool: This adept tool can even find information located within project notes.

Our testers who assessed the software's team member features found Clarizen one of the easiest to use of our reviewed products. While we recommend that new users take full advantage of the available training, we evaluated how long it took testers to complete certain tasks, and we asked them to rate the usability of the software because we feel that basic, routine tasks should be somewhat intuitive, regardless of training.

Our testers all found the software simple to use, though there was some variation in how long it took people to figure out certain tasks. With a bit of training, performing basic team member functions should be simple to accomplish. Our evaluators who needed help were able to find answers to their questions rather quickly. In terms of the mobile app, our testers gave Clarizen a high rating and found its simple, orderly interface refreshing.

One of the most significant features needed to close out projects properly is reporting. Clarizen has numerous reporting options, including prebuilt reports and the ability to create customized reports using custom fields.

Reports are colorful, easy to understand, and exportable to other business systems such as Excel and Jira. It can perform open-item reports so you can quickly see if your team has satisfied all project parameters. You can run team performance reports, and you can share data with stakeholders using email-only free accounts. Projects can be archived and cloned at a later date if needed.

The latest version of Clarizen includes everything we were looking for in security features, except that an on-premises version is not available for those who want to manage their own security onsite. This online project management service utilizes secure servers hosted at Tier 3, SOC 2, Type II-certified facilities in North America and Europe (two data centers on each continent). All data is georedundantly stored so you'll never lose your data. Data is protected behind multiple firewalls, and antivirus elements are in place to monitor irregularities.

Additional security features are available to help you protect your data. For instance, all user logins require a unique username and password, and Clarizen stores this information in an encrypted MD-5 hash format that is difficult to breach. User profiles can be configured to only access certain information, and other specific items can also be protected.

Clarizen offers a long list of prebuilt integrations, or you can use APIs and its developer toolkit to create custom integrations. Popular integrations available include Salesforce, Box, Google Drive, Outlook, QuickBooks and Jira. Helpful prebuilt elements are also available for your use, such as New Project Demand Request forms and automated processes you can implement like Auto Assign Task Manager.

Extensive professional services are available to you and your business team. Clarizen offers assistance through every step of the process from discovery to deployment. Clarizen calls its professional service plans "success packages," and there are three levels – basic, enhanced and premium. A Clarizen consultant can help you determine which package would be best for your team. Online and onsite training is available as well as long-term assistance.

Clarizen includes all of the specific project-planning tools we sought out, including the ability to support traditional PM methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall as well as customized processes. It can quickly create a new project from scratch or from a template or clone. Adding milestones, due dates, deliverables, resources, tasks and interdependencies is simple. Resources can be sorted and assigned based on skill set and availability. Generic resources can be used in the planning phase, and it can work around holidays, time off and time zone differences.

Using Clarizen, you can analyze incoming projects and prioritize them by resource availability, ROI, budget and workloads. It is powerful enough for project management offices (PMOs) and those who need to manage multiple projects at once. Clarizen includes tools for automated functions, such as the ability to manage demands and requests. Projects can be scored and risks assessed so that the priority of projects in the pipeline better align with your business goals.

The latest version includes resource load improvements, such as what-if analysis, which can help you easily see the impact a demand change may have on your resource's workload. Clarizen's extensive analysis tools, many of which are automated, can help you and your team make better project selections.

During the active phases of a project, you can easily manage critical aspects, such as requests, approvals, risks and issues. You can run ad hoc reports at any time to discover your project stumbling blocks. It compares information, such as the planned budget versus the actual one, so you can keep a tight rein on expenses.

The social collaboration tools can keep team members up to date on the latest changes and statuses of items. Email integration is also available using Clarizen's InterAct. In addition, it can help you manage documents and digital assets using Box, Google Docs or ProofHQ. Many functions can be conducted via mobile device, including submitting expenses using the phone's camera.

Clarizen is easy to use, and it comes with advanced adoption assistance and excellent reporting options. It is secure and suitable to manage sensitive data, plus it is a quickly growing company that continues to improve its product and customer support resources. While Clarizen is suitable for a wide variety of team types, you especially may want to check it out if your business is a PMO, IT team, professional services firm, Agile team or marketing company.



Project Management & Task Management Software Buying Guide

The Verdict

Compared to other project management systems, Clarizen is one of the easiest to use, especially for such a high-end product. It's an experienced company that has worked with many Fortune 500 companies. editorial staff editorial staff
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