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ClickAndChat is the enterprise chat software provider for Honda, Toyota, Ford, BMW, Brigham Young University and an assortment of credit unions. It has a wealth of features suitable for larger enterprises. We reviewed this company's scalable Live Chat Software, although the company also offers a Live Operator Service, which is priced by the chat and provides remote chat agents for you. You may decide to buy both, using the Live Chat Operator Service as an after-hours extension of your in-house corporate chat.



The Verdict

As long as you're only running only one website, ClickAndChat provides you with quality tools to manage your live chat support.

The host environment of ClickAndChat is easy to install, as is integrating to tools that you already use, like Salesforce. The software allows you to detect prospects and make proactive chat requests. You can also set parameters about the pages a visitor checks or how long they’ve been on your site and then let the application send out chat requests automatically. Operators and managers can transfer chats and schedule particular types of chat as department specific. And, if you’re training new operators, you can use the Whisper function to send private messages right to the chat window. These messages could be reminders about what to say next or where to find specific information.

One of ClickAndChat handiest tools is the ability to transform the chat message into an email that can be sent to the customer after a chat. This helps the customer remember the conversation and is a good opportunity to restate the company’s willingness to help out or to send a coupon to encourage the customer to complete their purchase.

The built-in translation tool that ClickAndChat provides is also a valuable feature. Offered in 14 languages, you select the language for your business chat message and what you type in English or your preferred language is sent to the customer in the language of your customer's choice. In multicultural enterprises, having such language options can enable you to significantly broaden your customer base without special staff.

Rich tracking and monitoring information is also part of chat software provider ClickAndChat’s offering. This information includes a visitor’s geographical location, recent browsing history and much more. This software makes it easy to run a substantial number of automated reports and advanced analytics as well as to pull up the useful and money-saving Pay Per Click (PPC) tracking function.

You can monitor as many sites as you like with your ClickAndChat software, but you cannot run chat on multiple sites at the same time. To place your chat buttons on a second or subsequent website, you need to purchase additional site licenses, something that most other chat services don't require.

ClickAndChat ensures the safety of your data and the files, forms and messages provided by your customer with high levels of encryption and security. The company’s software even has a fraud-detection function that helps prevent spamming. In addition, if a visitor does try to spam your team or chats inappropriately, agents can block the offending IP address and prevent it from making further contact with the company.

As long as you’re only planning to use it on one site, ClickAndChat software provides a good host environment and operator, reporting, tracking and monitoring functions; it offers all you need to implement a successful and secure live chat service.

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The Verdict

As long as you're only running only one website, ClickAndChat provides you with quality tools to manage your live chat support. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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