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ClickWebinar offers a webcasting service with a simple interface for attendees and presenters. This web-based service allows you to sign on to the online platform and quickly build and host webcasts without having to download any plugins. We found it was among the easiest to set up and use.



The Verdict

ClickWebinar's simple interface makes it easy for users, but it's not the best choice if you want to stream live-event webcasts.

This webcasting software has flexible tools for gathering a large audience for your webcast. You can integrate with Outlook and social media for sending out private invitations or an open call to join. You can have people sign in to the webcast using their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts for added convenience. With ClickWebinar, people can phone in to attend your webcast or view the webcast on a mobile device.

Another useful tool for gathering attendees is the chat translation function. ClickWebinar ties to Google Translate to give your attendees the opportunity to see the chat in another language. For example, if your preferred language is English but an attendee speaks French, both of you can enter your information using your preferred language and the software translates it. While this feature does not apply to the rest of the webcast room, such as the slides, it can help you expand your reach and enable attendees with varying primary languages to communicate.

You can record the meeting, and ClickWebinar stores the recording for as long as you have an account. The service stores up to 10 hours of recorded meetings. You can download the file to post it to your website or YouTube account, and you can crop it using ClickWebinar's platform to get the best of the presentation.

This webcasting service has several useful features. Its customization capability lets you design your meeting room for a look unique to your company, including colors and logo. There are features to moderate questions that are texted in as well as phoned in. Presenters can also mute phone-in attendees.

We found the overall interface easy to use and navigate. Both setting up the meeting and presenting the webcast as well as joining a meeting and participating were all easy to do. Although, presenters need to download an app if they want to share their screens, which can be tedious. You can have your separate screens in different tabs, making it easy to move from a slideshow to a whiteboard or to a video. This service offers a password option and 128-bit encryption, which is particularly important for a program that utilizes screen sharing.

This webinar software does have some drawbacks that put it behind our higher-ranked webcasting platforms. While it allows up to four simultaneous webcasts, we found some problems with echo when more than one of us broadcasted. The platform also does not support breakout rooms, so you cannot have attendees meet in multiple rooms during the webcast. These feature can be useful for collaboration.

You can integrate ClickWebinar with CRM software or collect payments from inside the application. This makes the service a good option for product launches. You also can redirect your attendees to specific websites after the webcast ends. The service’s support page features tutorial videos for presenters and attendees. You can contact technical support via phone and live chat, and you can enroll in live training to learn how to use the webinar service.

ClickWebinar's webcasting services comes with useful features for publicity and training. Created for webcasting via webcams, it isn't well suited for live-event webcasting. However, its interface, social media integrations and translation tools make it a good option if you are looking to gather the largest possible audience for your webcasts.

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The Verdict

ClickWebinar's simple interface makes it easy for users, but it's not the best choice if you want to stream live-event webcasts. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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