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Coco Design Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 15, 2017

Coco Design is one of the few professional web design firms that don't boast about working alongside large corporations. That's not to say it hasn’t assisted on large projects, but it tailors its services toward small and midsize businesses. This web design company focuses on four steps to grow the audience bases of its redesigned sites: site architecture, design, development and marketing. Coco Design can help get your business noticed online.

The company’s portfolio shows its focus on successful business-to-business sites. However, this service can match your brand to your audience. The layouts of its sites are basic and clean but not incredibly visually appealing. In addition, if you need further services than a standard site rework, you should know that Coco Design doesn't create videos or graphics for you in house, nor does it provide a copywriting team to help you communicate with your core audience on your static pages.

Coco Design helps get your brand noticed online through social media with location-based ads, analysis of your visitors' demographics and feedback from your customers. All of these elements combined help you target your marketing to the right audience so that no ad, post or marketing plan is wasted.

Coco Design keeps Flash off of sites, does not include duplicate content and keeps the images on the page under storage capacity, increasing the chances of your site ranking higher in search engine results. Sites that Coco Design has worked on load quickly, so you won't lose impatient customers.

This company gives you access to a proprietary content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and customize content on your website whenever you want. This is essential for maintaining your site when Coco Design is done with it, and it allows you to manage your own marketing and SEO campaigns if you want. The maintenance that Coco Design performs on its own CMS will cost you. However, if you choose a WordPress site, there will not be an extra charge.

Coco Design has features that can give your brand an appealing look. The company employs the latest web technologies to create well-optimized and thought-out websites.

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