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Comm100 Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Editor's note: The manufacturer has informed us that Comm100 now offers agent monitoring & stats, real-time translation and co-web browsing. We will fully evaluate and reflect all new, additional information when we next update the Live Chat Support Software reviews.

Comm100 helpdesk software gives you a wide range of features to help you create a unique live chat experience on your site. In our look at Comm100, we reviewed the small business Team package. More features are available in the provider’s Business, Business with Maximum and the higher-priced Enterprise plan.

Chat Software
The Verdict
Comm100's secure and reliable live chat software is packed with customizable features to help you build your brand and enhance customer loyalty.
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Comm100 has a large offering of customization options, allowing you to pick from a list of images and styles or to upload your own files. The application’s preset designs provide a clean, contemporary look, but if you plan to fully customize your settings, every element is on a different menu. Initial setup only takes a few minutes, but if you want to fully match your website's design, you may have to spend several hours navigating menus.

In the Team version, you set up automatically timed chat invitations. These activate after a visitor has been on the site for a specified amount of time. In the more advanced plans, you can also customize rules for inviting visitors to chat. Even with such rules in place, an operator still has the ability to send an invitation whenever it seems appropriate. And, during a chat, support agents can add notes or client information so that if the customer needs support again, a history is already there. Other application customizations include being able to build and track chat campaigns in banner ads and emails.

The Comm100 live chat application is available as both a web service and hosted on special, dedicated servers. Comm100 supports all mobile platforms for both the user and the operator. If your service department is small, you can offer weekend support by simply taking your tablet with you.

There are a few things missing from Comm100 chat support. If your customer cannot find a page, your agent can send a link, but there are still no tools to allow an operator to cooperatively browse (co-browsing) the site and redirect the customer automatically. This web chat software is also missing real-time language translation. While the software can be implemented in specific languages for use in other countries, real-time translation where a customer types in his or her language and it appears in the operator’s chat window in the language the operator prefers is not offered.

Operators have a wealth of tools to offer the best visitor support. When someone logs in on your site, you see the person's country of origin, IP address and current location, among other useful information. While Comm100 higher-level plans integrate with several plug-in applications, including WordPress, Salesforce and Zendesk, the Team version lacks these features.

Comm100's agents are available by telephone, email and live chat, and its support pages give you many useful tools, tutorials, tips and data sheets. In addition, a support forum allows you to see how other users implement live chat on their sites.

Comm100's can help you build your brand with impressive and reliable live chat support software. You get full control of the customization in these live chat services, and your operators have a long list of tools at their disposal when answering questions and giving personal support to your customers. Comm100 is missing a few features, such as real-time language translation. However, you can build a highly personalized and reliable web support service using Comm100's web chat software.

Chat Software
The Verdict
Comm100's secure and reliable live chat software is packed with customizable features to help you build your brand and enhance customer loyalty.
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