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ConferenceCalls Review

Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski offers both reservationless and operated-assisted conference calling services. You can place calls at any time and view a list of all the participants on your call. It has call recording and replay capabilities. Blocked-entry options are available, along with presenter controls that allow individuals to pass hosting capabilities to another participant.



The Verdict provides both reservationless and operator-assisted calls with a variety of tools to help your meetings run effectively and smoothly.

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For its reservationless service, offers both prepaid pay-per-minute and unlimited monthly plans. A 30-day free trial available; there are no sign-up requirements.

The monthly plan is $25 per month for unlimited calls in the U.S. and 20 counties. The first month of service is free.

With the prepaid plans, you purchase a block of minutes – in denominations between $20 and $1,000 – in advance. The cost of each call is 1.9 cents per minute, per caller. Depending on how much you purchase, you can receive bonus minutes. For example, if you buy a $20 block of minutes, you receive a bonus $2 in minutes. Similarly, if you purchase $200 worth of minutes, you receive an extra $30 for no added cost.

The operator-assisted conference call services start at 4.9 cents per minute, per caller. The exact price depends on the operator-assisted service plan that you select. 

There are no long-term contracts with If you decide you want to drop the service, you must cancel at least five days before the next billing cycle. Features

With, you're not restricted to using the service at certain times of day nor is the meeting length capped.

Participants can use any phone, including iPhone and Android mobile devices, home phones or work phones. Their switching platform makes it simple to change which phone you are dialing in from. supports unlimited user subaccounts, meaning you can manage and create multiple subaccounts from one central login. Each user is given a unique email address, and the master account can view call details, balance and other details.

Other features include free recording, group dialing, and free plan activation. Calling Services 

With, you can make reservationless and operator-assisted conference calls.

The reservationless service gives you the freedom to host meetings at any time, whether they are scheduled or spontaneous.

The operator-assisted services are designed for larger, more formal calls. With this option, you are provided a dedicated operator who helps you plan and manage your meeting.

Here is more about each type of service. 

Reservationless Conference Calls 

Reservationless conference calls can be made 24/7, 365 days a year, without any prior reservation or time restriction. The reservationless service can accommodate up to 50 participants. If you are having a larger meeting, you can use's executive reservationless service, which supports up to 96 participants.

After signing up for the service, you are provided both toll-free and local dial-in numbers. To join a call, participants can call any of the access numbers. Once they are connected, they only need your company's specific conference code to join the meeting. Those who are hosting the meeting must enter a security code.

The host can control the meeting from their phone's keypad or from an online browser. The controls allow the host to mute participants, add a participant, lock and unlock the room, and end the call. In addition, the host can pass hosting capabilities to other participants. 

Operator-Assisted Conference Calls offers two different operator-assisted plans: Event Lite and Event Pro. Both of these options require you to reserve your meeting time between 24 and 48 hours in advance.

The Event Lite option lets you host meetings with up to 1,000 participants. You can give participants different dial-in numbers based on their role in the meeting. For example, speakers can receive one number, and participants who will only be listening can receive a different number.

During the call, an operator is on hand to ensure the call runs smoothly. This service is designed for things such as companywide or inter-departmental meetings, large sales calls or any interactive event that does not require a formal operator.

The Event Pro option lets you host meetings with up to 3,000 participants. With these calls, you customize the greeting guests hear when they call in as well as prescreen and capture their contact information. Event Pro calls include full-service operator assistance; operators help coordinate the meeting, greet callers, conduct Q&A sessions, and provide any other type of assistance you may need.

You can record the call and then download a copy of the recording or request a copy be burned onto a CD. This type of service is typically used for high-profile calls, such as investor relations and merger and acquisition announcements. Pros

There are a number of benefits with One is the number of features the service offers. With the reservationless service, you can record any meeting and download it for no extra charge. The system can also dial out as a way to add people to the call after it has started. also offers a waiting room. If participants call in and the host hasn't joined yet, they're automatically placed in a waiting room until the host joins. 

With this service, you can connect through local toll and toll-free access numbers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

If you want added functionality, offers video conferencing services via its executive services. Cons

There are some downsides to this service. The biggest is that for the reservationless service, you are limited to 50 participants on each call. Other services we evaluated had higher call limits. 

In addition, does not offer many customization options. You cannot customize the phone number participants dial or create a customized message that welcomes participants to the conference call (with the exception of the Event Pro plan), nor can you continue a call once the host hangs up.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone and email. In addition, the website features helpful resources that explain how to use the system.

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The Verdict provides both reservationless and operator-assisted calls with a variety of tools to help your meetings run effectively and smoothly.

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