Costco Water Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 15, 2017

Costco Water is a bottled water delivery service for Costco Members. It supplies nine different brands of bottled water to its members through this program.

Although it bears Costco's name, this service is fulfilled by DS Waters. When signing up for the service online, you are directed from Costco's website to a third-party site named Costco Water that's run by DS Services of America. This website only provides sparse information about the details of the delivery service. However, it shows that Costco's Executive Members and Gold Star Members can sign up to get bottled water delivered to their homes and workplaces.

The subscription price for Gold Star Members is slightly higher than what Executive Members pay. To get started, you have to sign up to receive water from the service for one year and take delivery of at least three 5-gallon water bottles every four weeks. However, the annual subscription paid for upfront is a significant commitment for a service with no trial period. Also, three 5-gallon water bottles may serve a small family for a month, but this is probably too much for a single-person.

For office subscribers, Costco Water can deliver up to 50 5-gallon water bottles, and it estimates that this is the average monthly consumption for an office of 30 to 50 people. Therefore, you may need multiple Costco water delivery subscriptions if yours is larger.

Costco Water uses spill-proof water bottles that don't leak, even when turned upside down in a cooler. They also offer plans with special bottom-load dispensers fitted to their 5-gallon bottles. However, each of the water coolers provided increases the cost of the plan. While coolers attract additional fees, Costco Water gives members two free half-liter cases or four sleeves of cups (100 cups per sleeve) with the first delivery. Furthermore, Executive Members get two free half-liter single-serve cases on every anniversary of their membership.

The nine bottled water brands offered by Costco Water are Alhambra, Belmont and Crystal Springs, Deep Rock Water, Hinckley or Kentwood Springs, Sierra Springs, Mount Olympus, and Sparkletts. This range of bottled water is broad enough to satisfy people who prefer to drink spring water and artesian water. However, not every brand is available everywhere covered by the delivery service. To find out what brands are available in your area, Costco asks for your zip code while signing up.

Costco Water is a convenient water delivery program for homes and offices but only if you are Costco member. However, you have to pay for a year's worth of water up front and contend with a third-party service provider to manage your subscription. Furthermore, while this service offers nine bottled water brands, there is no guarantee that you always receive your preferred bottled water. Editorial Staff

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