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CrashPlan Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

CrashPlan for Small Business, by Code42, delivers unlimited storage, unlimited file version restoration and top-notch security. For these reasons, in addition to its robust backup features, we recommend CrashPlan for Small Business.



The Verdict

CrashPlan for Small Business is an easy-to-use solution for data protection and backup. Running silently in the background, your business's data is protected from disasters or attacks.

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CrashPlan for Small Business Pricing and Plans

CrashPlan for Small Business has a very straightforward pricing model. The company charges $10 per computer, per month. You can protect external hard drives at no additional cost. It comes with unlimited storage space, unlimited file version restoration, file server protection and dedicated support.

There are no setup or restoration fees; customers can cancel service at any time. The company offers a one-month free trial.  

Code42 is an expanded version of CrashPlan that is intended for enterprises with more than 200 employees. You'll need to contact Code42 for a quote. Pricing is contingent on your company's needs and desired features.

CrashPlan Features

Here are the features that impressed us the most about CrashPlan for Small Business.

Ease Of Use

CrashPlan for Small Business provides unlimited backup without restrictions on file types. The browser-based dashboard is complete with alerts, automated reports, and you can easily change your backup settings at any time.


Employees can be added and removed at any time, and pricing is adjusted accordingly. Crashplan offers customizable file versioning and retention: You determine how many versions of a document you want to retail and how long you want to store your files.

Intuitive Performance and Design

CrashPlan's data backup runs continuously and unobtrusively in the background, freeing you of the need to monitor whether your data has been backed up. CrashPlan's desktop application is user friendly and intuitive. There is also an online administration console you can log into through any web browser where you can control bandwidth and permissions, and view that status of your backup activity in real time.


Sufficient security must exist both with where your information is stored and during the uploading process, when it's vulnerable. CrashPlan uses 256-bit AES data encryption. Further, the company has signed a BAA (business associate agreement) as part of its compliance with HIPAA.

Customer Support

We posed as small business owners to test CrashPlan's customer support. Agents responded to our inquiries quickly, providing clear, helpful and detailed responses. Its agents did not push to make a sale, and, instead, were very helpful and polite.

Code42, the parent company of CrashPlan for Small Business, is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.


There are a few drawbacks with CrashPlan for Small Business, including the following.

  • Strictly an online backup solution: CrashPlan for Small Business is solely a backup solution, not a cloud storage service you can use to transfer files or collaborate with others. It does, however, easily integrate with other cloud solutions like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Mobile backup isn't available: It lacks a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This may not be an issue if you only plan to back up desktops, laptops, or servers; however, if you need to back up your mobile devices, consider another provider.

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The Verdict

CrashPlan for Small Business is an easy-to-use solution for data protection and backup. Running silently in the background, your business's data is protected from disasters or attacks.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley Staff
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