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Culligan Review

By Joshua Stowers, writer
| Updated
Aug 26, 2019
Image Credit: LightFieldStudios / Getty Images
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Culligan's water delivery service is one of the most well known nationally. We selected Culligan as our pick for the best filtered water because of its commitment to water quality. It offers five types of water: filtered, spring, demineralized, distilled or reverse osmosis. Culligan emphasizes customer service as much as water quality. One of their water experts will meet with you and help you select the best type of water for your office or workspace. This expertise differentiates Culligan's services from other water delivery companies.



The Best Water Delivery Services of 2020

The Verdict

Culligan is our pick as the best filtered water. It takes water purity and cleanliness very seriously.

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Culligan charges a monthly subscription fee to supply bottled waters and coolers to residences and offices. When you sign up, the subscription fee covers the cost or rental of a cooler plus installation, as well as three bottles of water for three months. After setting your schedule, Culligan delivers bottled water when and where you need it. You can arrange for supplemental deliveries to meet temporary peak needs or even suspend deliveries during holidays and vacations.

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If you'd prefer not to purchase the water dispensers upfront, Culligan offers water cooler rental. Whether you choose to buy or rent, you must have a Culligan-branded cooler and bottles, though, to use its service. Culligan coolers dispense hot, cold or room temperature water when needed. Also, it's one of the few companies that offer bottle-free coolers to cut down on plastic waste and cost.

Pricing starts as low as $9.99 per month, although Culligan states that prices can vary by location and the amount of water you have delivered. Understandably, ordering more water will cost more. Additionally, it's likely that getting water delivery services in New York City will likely cost more than water delivery services in small-town Maryland. This makes sense and applies to most companies.


You can set up a delivery schedule that works best for your business, which is a plus. You can also halt deliveries temporarily to account for holidays or other events. The flexibility is an added benefit of getting water deliveries from Culligan.

Besides water delivery, Culligan specializes in water filtration systems and water softeners. The business's diverse offerings and water expertise differentiate it from many of its competitors.

Local Culligan dealers get businesses set up with the type of water delivery services they need. This can be the delivery of bottled water on a regular schedule or a bottle-less machine.

When it comes to filtration for a bottle-less water cooler, Culligan sends a water expert to your home or business to help you select the best type of water for your needs. The expert considers the water quality in your office when making their recommendation. By ensuring your water is of the highest quality, this specialized focus ensures that your drinking water is pure, and is one of the primary reasons why we like Culligan's water delivery service so much.

Water Assortment

While you can't choose a specific bottled water brand with this delivery service (e.g., Fiji, Evian, San Pellegrino, etc.) Culligan offers a choice of different types of drinking water: filtered, spring, demineralized, distilled or reverse osmosis. This approach is understandable, given that Culligan's primary business is water treatment. However, those who only drink certain brands of bottled water may want to look at some of the other services we evaluated.

If you're just looking for water, however, Culligan's services are more than suitable. The company delivers different water types on a regular schedule, which is more than enough for some businesses.

There are more diverse water selections available with other companies, but if you're not set on a specific brand or a certain type of water, e.g., sparkling water, you can't go wrong with Culligan.

Water variety is an interesting consideration of water delivery services, and one that can sometimes become too much of a focal point. When deciding which water delivery service is best for your business, before worrying about the types of water (and brands), it's important to consider customer support and billing. Once you feel comfortable that the company's local customer service is good, you can then differentiate services based on water types, brands and other features.

For Culligan, the assortment of water isn't overwhelming, and the customer support is strong. That puts it ahead of many players in the market.

Customer Support

Another distinction between Culligan and most bottled water delivery services is the personalized help you receive from a company representative who helps you set up your subscription. Culligan calls this representative your local Culligan expert. He or she works for Culligan but lives in your community and therefore knows a lot about the local water quality and the right water conditioning solutions for your locality. Your local Culligan expert also arranges your delivery schedule, delivers your bottled water and sanitizes your cooler.

Such a personal touch is uncommon among companies that deliver water and beverages to homes. It eliminates a lot of problems and beats having to call the company to sort out delivery issues. However, it has its flaws too.

One drawback with Culligan is that you cannot arrange to have water delivered without meeting your local Culligan expert. This is inconvenient for those who are too busy to meet in person. And much like every water company, there are negative online reviews about Culligan. Compared to other water delivery services, however, Culligan has some of the most positive reviews.

Editor's Note: Is your business looking for a water delivery service? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.



The Best Water Delivery Services of 2020

The Verdict

Culligan is our pick as the best filtered water. It takes water purity and cleanliness very seriously.

Joshua Stowers
Joshua Stowers
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