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Customer Magnetism is social media company and marketing agency focused on two key aspects of social media management: original content and optimized reports. Both play a huge part in today's social media outlets. Customer Magnetism has strategies it tailors to your business to help you meet your social media goals.

Customer Magnetism

Customer Magnetism

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Analyze, optimize and monetize are the areas Customer Magnetism focuses on. Your social media marketing campaign is determined by the type of product you sell, what service you offer or the type of website you run. Customer Magnetism has a staff of writers who work hard to consistently update and publish content to your sites or blogs. This includes copywriting and video production content. If you have already established your social media pages, fresh content demonstrates to your customers that you are keeping your site and products up to date.

Since disseminating news through print, television ads, or direct mail is becoming less popular, Customer Magnetism uses social media's popularity to boost your business. Because so many people use Facebook and Twitter as sources for information regarding companies they follow, Customer Magnetism creates incentive programs for your followers, which drives traffic to your site. This social media management firm also offers content promotion on Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Customer Magnetism has worked with Fortune 500 companies, but it also works with small to mid-sized businesses. While it doesn't list case studies on its website, it does list current and former clients. So, you could check the social media pages of these companies to see Customer Magnetism's work in action.

Reports that this social media strategy company provides include the geographic regions that clicks are coming from, which links they are clicking on and how well your campaigns are working. Reports are delivered weekly, and they let you know if your community is growing in addition to the strong and weak points of your strategy. This service also monitors your online reputation and addresses negative comments or feedback quickly so you can maintain a positive image.

Customer Magnetism offers several ways to reach the company. It doesn't have live chat on its website, but you can reach support with a toll-free number. You can also contact the company through email.

Through videos, updated content and consistent reporting, Customer Magnetism helps you manage a social media marketing plan. Its services help drive traffic to your business using social media platforms, offering social media tips and giving you tools to add creativity to your website and business.

Customer Magnetism

Customer Magnetism

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