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Cynet 360 Review

Brian Nadel

By rolling all aspects of endpoint security into a single agent, Cynet 360 advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) can not only protect your company's computers but simplify its cybersecurity with advanced heuristics, detailed threat analysis and the ability to place hidden decoys to throw hackers off track. The company may be new, and its software lacks mobile apps, but Cynet 360 offers excellent protection in a hostile world.

Cynet 360

Cynet 360

The Verdict

Cynet 360 endpoint detection and response offers excellent protection in a hostile world. It monitors your company's fleet of computers for the first signs of an attack and conducts in-depth investigations to close any weaknesses.

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Endpoint Detection and Response Features

With a holistic approach toward protection, Cynet 360 combines the major aspects of cybersecurity in one place so it is always on guard for your company's computers. In business for four years, Cynet is based in Israel, and it provides protection for your company's crown jewels with proactive visibility that watches every system for threats, attack protection to stop attacks before any damage is done, and response orchestration for following up on an attack.

Cynet 360's single software agent is easy to install across a fleet of computers and centrally archives all aspects of the computer's operation. Meanwhile, it uses local and cloud-based machine learning to flush out threats, from traditional attacks to the latest ransomware exploit.

In addition to helping stop insider attacks, as soon as it detects the slightest nefarious action in your network, Cynet 360 springs into action. It can block any dangerous process while providing powerful tools and support to follow up on an attack.


Cynet doesn't disclose pricing for the 360 package. It is available as traditional licensed software that's sold on a per-seat basis and also as a service by third parties or a hybrid of the two. There is a 14-day trial available so you can test whether the software fits your business.

On the downside, the software requires at least one employee dedicated to using Cynet 360, but there is another way. In addition to the traditional software model, Cynet 360 is sold as a service with remote operation, maintenance and monitoring. The company can even customize a hybrid operation that mixes the best aspects of local software with cloud use. This way, smaller companies can get protection without the overhead required to manage software for multiple computers.

Endpoint Protection

As its name implies, Cynet 360 advanced endpoint detection and response blocks attack vectors from all directions. Its defenses start with next-generation antiviral technology to defend against everything from traditional viruses, worms, and Trojans to keyloggers, spyware, and the latest ransomware attacks. It can even detect a subtle threat that's the result of two benign activities.

Because of its emphasis on behavior and context, Cynet 360 can protect against insider attacks, the use of stolen credentials and threats we can't even imagine today. The EDR system not only examines all code before it is run but can identify malicious code as it is executed. Once something is identified as dangerous, Cynet 360 stops its execution while raising the alarm to prevent its spread.

The program gives the administrator the option of hiding decoys in its code to attract attacking software. Here, it can draw the offensive software away from the vital parts of your company's computers and data infrastructure to capture, and learn from, the attacking code before it does any harm.

While the program can keep employees away from dangerous sites, foil network-based attacks and use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security, the software has several quirks. It lacks a firewall, can't stop a virus-laden USB flash drive from attacking a system, and Cynet 360 only works with Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers right now. The company is developing apps for iPhones, iPads and Android systems.


The key to Cynet 360's effectiveness is its dashboard. Web-based, it is secure, and offers full visibility of your company's digital infrastructure and the ability to zoom in on key aspects of any system. It not only shows an overall threat assessment upfront but informs the admin who's connected and what files they're using.

There's text for things like file names, IP addresses and the threat level. On the other hand, the best parts of the dashboard are purely visual, like a hypodermic needle to show an attack.

Its circular radar screen shows at a glance the key pieces of information needed to secure the company's computers and data, and react quickly to an intrusion. It's easy to see what's being monitored and any current threats. A useful list of suspicious files is provided for administrators.

At any time, you can search across the company's computers for things like the file name or extension of a new infection vector. It can poll 1,000 online systems for a variety of parameters in a couple of seconds. Those systems that are offline report back when they reconnect.

The software not only periodically updates its own program, but it can be used to ensure that all computers have the most up-to-date security patches. It can even deploy new software across your company's computers.

With the Cynet Dashboard app for iPads, iPhones and the Apple Watch app, the local administrator doesn't have to consult the web dashboard to see the latest threats. The app effectively summarizes and consolidates the company's IT data into simple screens in real time. If anything is amiss, an alert is displayed. To fully assess the situation and make any major changes, however, you need to check in with the web-based dashboard.

Endpoint Response

Should Cynet 360 detect a break-in, the program sends out alerts that pinpoint which users are affected and what the infection vector is while the app's auto-remediation blocks the file's execution and repairs any damage inflicted by a threat.

All incidents can be responded to manually from the dashboard, and the system can create custom remediation responses. These include automatically defending against a threat that initially required personal attention.

The program not only analyzes exploits your endpoint computers pick up but those of its other customers, casting a wide net for catching and neutralizing new threats. Cynet frequently updates its software to counter new threats.


Cynet is customer-centric with a team of in-house security experts to help with every phase of the program's use. They can assist your business in setting up the software, maintaining it, and, in the event of a break-in, follow up with an investigation.

In addition to the expected 24/7 support, Cynet 360 includes access to its CyOps Cyber SWAT team for warnings of new attacks and proactive threat response. It's staffed with trained experts to blunt a viral attack, analyze new malware and even perform threat hunting to turn the tables on malware writers.

New computers can be quickly brought under the Cynet 360 security umbrella with a single file installation process that requires two clicks to set up. Because it includes all the needed licensing and provisioning data, new employees don't have to enter cumbersome licenses or make configuration changes. The software takes a few hours to get up to speed by monitoring the computer and user's activities. 

Cynet 360 puts all the major aspects of cybersecurity together with behavioral detection of threats, eradication of malware and the ability to follow up an attack with a detailed investigation. It misses, however, by not protecting phones and tablets.

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Cynet 360

Cynet 360

The Verdict

Cynet 360 endpoint detection and response offers excellent protection in a hostile world. It monitors your company's fleet of computers for the first signs of an attack and conducts in-depth investigations to close any weaknesses.

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