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DataMotion Review editorial staff, writer
| Updated
Jun 05, 2019
> Technology

DataMotion has steamrolled more than 13 years of experience into creating encryption solutions that are simple to use – from the administrator to the recipient. DataMotion's SecureMail email encryption service provides safe, compliant methods for transmitting Personal Identifying Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant communications. It secures not only emails but also attachments and large files. Using this secure email solution, you can also protect your propriety data and supply your clients with secure means for interacting with your company. DataMotion excels beyond the norm and supplies free support to your recipients should they need assistance.



The Best Internet Security and Antivirus Software of 2019

The Verdict

No matter what your email security needs are, DataMotion can satisfy them. The company provides compliant, simple-to-use secure email for single desktops as well as large, multilocational enterprises for all devices.

With this secure email service, you can expect ease of use for all users. When the solution is implemented, there is no need for the administrator to individually install or deploy the software. It will automatically initiate account creation when it's first used, or deployment can be pushed out by using information provided by the active directory. It also includes configurable (policy-based) filters that can encrypt emails before they are transmitted via gateways, mail servers or cloud-based intermediaries. It even includes preconfigured filters created to satisfy specific regulatory requirements. Recipients' messages are simple to understand, and the process for them to access their secure messages is designed to be as simple as possible.

This email security service provides tools to send and receive secure emails from all endpoints, including PCs, Macs and mobile phones, as well as services such as Salesforce. It is compatible with all email clients, including direct integration with Outlook, Gmail and Lotus. DataMotion also functions alongside data loss prevention (DLP) tools and security software. The administration console includes sort tools for creating lists of emails for forensic, compliance or legal reasons. DataMotion files are compatible with eDiscovery and common archiving methods. Whether you need to provide secure emails to ensure customer confidence or for strict regulatory reasons, DataMotion can manage secure email transmissions easily.

DataMotion email encryption works with all common business applications including all email types, mobile phones and security protocols. This email security works natively with mobile phones and incorporates tablet-friendly features as well. It includes direct integration with Outlook, Gmail, Groupwise and Lotus Notes. Send functions are also fully integrated with Salesforce, so your sales team can send out secure documents without leaving the Salesforce interface, and all communications are tracked. The web portal functions with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera web browsers. DataMotion provides APIs for integrating the email encryption solution with other applications, including proprietary software or web apps. In terms of mail-server or gateway encryption, you will want to verify hardware capability before purchasing.

In terms of archiving, there are a few options. By default, messages are saved for 30 days, but the save period can be altered to as few as seven days or as long as two years free of cost. Premium message archiving can be extended to seven years, with all messages easily accessible via the web portal. If you want to manage your own archiving or eDiscovery solution, BBC encrypted SecureMail messages can be sent over a secure connection to your archiving systems to be saved as long as you desire to manage them.

DataMotion has the technology to provide compliant solutions for satisfying PHI, PII, PCI and GLBA requirements. Email access and delivery is protected by encryption methods such as SSL, SSH and AES. It can support direct connections via SMTP TLS and supports standard OpenPGB and S/MIME security methods. DataMotion has a SSAE 16 Type II Certified Data Center and stores data geo-redundantly.

In terms of access, DataMotion supports multiple identification methods if desired. Email can be encrypted by the user before a message is sent out, or policy-based filters can determine which emails require encryption. Filtering tools have the ability to scan more than 300 attachment types for sensitive data. This service also provides secure methods for transferring large files and offers a tool called SecureContact for providing secure messages initiated by website visitors utilizing an online Contact Us form.

Emails can be encrypted at a variety of points – at the desktop, gateway, mail server or in the cloud. Desktop encryption is the least secure method because it relies on the user to decide which emails require security. Although this method is suitable for small operations with limited security restrictions, it is not enough for larger businesses or those with strict compliance requirements. Encryption at the gateway, mail server point or web portal is more secure and makes encryption automatic based on configured policies. DataMotion also provides a SaaS option for filtering and encryption. Email communications sent and received from all types of devices are secured.

Customer convenience is paramount. When sending a secure message, the last thing you want to do is annoy your clients. Customers only have to create a secure account once to be able to use the service. After the initial sign in, they can access their messages and send secure messages back using their login information. If they forget their password, they can request a new one easily. DataMotion supports security questions for assisting with resetting passwords. Identity confirmation can be one or two level authentication depending on your security needs.

Web portals are co-branded and can be configure to include your logo and color scheme for added continuity. When new recipients sign up, they can choose to receive secure emails by web delivery or by secure PDF push straight to their inbox. The DataMotion set-up wizard will also help them create a secure password and configure their language settings into one of the 11 supported languages. Since DataMotion also provides free support to your recipients, the company puts effort into making the recipient experience straightforward and not arduous.

DataMotion provides a simple-to-use Administration Console and numerous reporting tools. Since user signups can be configured to be automatic and users can reset their passwords, administrators have little to fuss with after the initial installation. There is no need for someone to manage keys either. One helpful feature is the preconfigured policies. DataMotion includes a handful of preset policies such as those that satisfy medical and financial compliance requirements. This is a great timesaver for administrators because they do not necessarily have to create their own policies from scratch.

From the console, administrators can manage users and run reports. Reports include message and login reports as well as total view reports. Reports can be shared and stored as HTML or CSV files. They contain information such as sender IDs and IPs. Secure submitted forms can be tracked, and user reports can be sorted by message size, volume date and summary. Reporting tools support audits and forensic investigations.

DataMotion provides a range of secure transmission options to keep your company compliant, to protect your propriety information and to cultivate customer confidence. It is compatible with popular business solutions and all devices. Fully employed, it can reduce expenses by requiring few resources to manage, replacing expensive fax methods and decreasing server costs utilizing the free two years of message archiving. If you are looking for the easiest fully compliant email encryption solution, DataMotion just might be your answer.



The Best Internet Security and Antivirus Software of 2019

The Verdict

No matter what your email security needs are, DataMotion can satisfy them. The company provides compliant, simple-to-use secure email for single desktops as well as large, multilocational enterprises for all devices. editorial staff editorial staff
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