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Debt Recovery Resources Review

By Skye Schooley, Writer | Updated Apr 24, 2019

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Debt Recovery Resources is a collection agency that can help your business with recovering debts on delinquent B2B and B2C accounts throughout the United States. In addition to offering debt collections, Debt Recovery Resources explains the process behind debt collections to help you know when you should forward your delinquent accounts to collections. 

Debt Recovery Resources

Debt Recovery Resources

The Best Collection Agency Services of 2020

The Verdict

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Debt Recovery Resources offers customized programs, free background checks, legal forwarding and debtor search. The agency claims a high rate of recovery. In addition to standard collections, it assists with in-house accounts receivable management. 

Best Features

Debt Recovery Resources will help you with accounts receivable management. The agency works with you to learn your current processes and improve your business's in-house policies. This can help you reduce the number of delinquent accounts. The agency also offers helpful resources on its website to educate business owners on the debt collection process. 

When you sign up with Debt Recovery Resources, a collection agent will meet with you to understand your in-house process and, from there, will work with you to develop a personalized approach to your billing process. Their services include personalized collection, including free background checks, legal forwarding and debtor search.


Debt Recovery Resources provides some basic information, but it doesn't provide specifics, including what fees it charges and what percentage it takes from the money it collects. It also does list which industries it specializes in, or the specific states or countries it collects in. 

Debt Recovery Resources is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has no rating. Over the past three years, there have been 41 complaints against the company, all of which have been closed. 

We also found mixed consumer feedback online about Debt Recovery Resources' services.

Last, Debt Recovery Resources does not list its remittance policy on its website. You'll need to contact the company to find out whether you will be paid via check or online.

Industry Focuses

Unlike other collection agencies we evaluated, Debt Recovery Resources' website does not list which industries it focuses on or specializes in. To learn whether this agency can help you, you can call the company or submit an online request.

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Debt Recovery Resources

Debt Recovery Resources

The Best Collection Agency Services of 2020

The Verdict

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