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Digium Switchvox Review

By Chad BrooksLast Modified: May 30, 2018

Switchvox by Digium is a VoIP business phone system that can be hosted in the cloud or on premises. The system is designed for businesses with at least five users. Both options include more than 80 calling, collaboration, contact center and mobile features. Unlike with other systems, all Switchvox users have access to every feature and tool available.

Pricing and Terms

Pricing for Switchvox varies between the cloud-hosted and on-premises system. The cloud-hosted system consists mainly of monthly user fees. With the cloud-hosted system, you can choose an unlimited plan, which includes unlimited domestic calling, or a metered plan, which charges for each inbound and outbound calling minute. Each plan has a range of prices that depends on the number of users you have and whether you agree to a one-, two- or three-year contract. Prices for the unlimited plan range from $24.99 per month, per user to $34.99 per month, per user. Metered plan prices range from $12.99 per month, per user to $14.99 per month, per user. Calling minutes range from 2.3 to 3 cents each.  

Digium Switchvox
Digium Switchvox
Business Phone Systems
The Verdict
Switchvox can meet the needs of most businesses because it is a phone system that can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and it allows every user access to every feature.
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The on-premises system's cost consists of one-time upfront fees. The prices, however, vary depending on the type of equipment you choose. Prices start at $695 for the Switchvox appliance, $1,000 for the Switchvox software and $90 per user. That includes one year of maintenance. Digium's IP phones start at $139 each.  

With the Switchvox cloud-hosted system, you have the option of paying month to month or signing a one-, two- or three-year contract. Per-user prices are lower for businesses that agree to the long-term contracts. The $25 per-user activation fee is waived for those who sign a contract instead of paying month to month.  


Part of what makes Switchvox such an appealing option is that every feature the system offers is accessible to every user.   

  • Call control features include click-to-dial, hold, transfer, three-way conference calling, call parking, intercom/paging, and the ability to seamlessly move calls from one device to another.
  • Call management features include call forwarding, call cascade, Find Me/Follow Me, IVR, maintain caller ID, incoming caller notifications, outgoing caller ID control, personal call rules, and send-to-voicemail rules.
  • Call training features include monitor, whisper, barge and call recording.
  • Contact center features include call queues, call routing, in-queue music and messaging, queue announcements, queue reporting, ringing strategies, and remote agents.
  • The systems offer a variety of voicemail options, including voice messages that can automatically be forwarded to another extension, custom voicemail greetings, unified messaging, voicemail-to-email and visual voicemail.  

Conference Calling

  • Switchvox has a complete conference calling service built into its’s phone system. With the conference bridge feature, which comes included for no extra charge, each employee has the ability to hold their own conference call with up to 5 callers. If your company is looking to host conference calls with more callers than this phone system provides for, you will need to use a conference calling service. These services allow for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of callers on each call. You can find more information on these services on our conference call services best pick page.

Additional Considerations

  • The Digium mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, allows users to make and receive calls from their business line, as well as access contacts and visual voicemail.
  • Switchvox integrates with a variety of popular programs, including Salesforce, Firefox, Google Maps and Chrome Dialer. The system's extended API allows organizations to build their own integrations using common programming languages such as Perl and PHP.
  • The systems include a variety of collaboration tools, including video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, video chats with people outside of the system, and the ability to chat with co-workers.
  • Digium also offers its Asterisk solutions, which allow organizations to build their own voice, video and text applications.
  • Digium is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.  


  • The $25 activation fee for month-to-month cloud users could be a turnoff for some. Many of the other providers we looked into don't charge any setup or activation fees. 
  • Digium does not provide users with Power over Ethernet hardware for phone connections. If you require this, you must purchase it from a third-party vendor.
  • Switchvox services are not available in Alaska or Hawaii.    

Switchvox by Digium is an appealing option because it gives businesses the flexibility of having it hosted in the cloud or on premises. The system's dozens of calling, collaboration and mobile features come standard for every user. There aren't different plans with different feature sets; everyone has access to everything with this system. In addition, the system has several built-in integrations, as well as an open API that allows you to create your own integrations.

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Digium Switchvox
Digium Switchvox
Business Phone Systems
The Verdict
Switchvox can meet the needs of most businesses because it is a phone system that can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and it allows every user access to every feature.
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Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks is a Chicago-based writer and editor with nearly 20 years in media. A 1998 journalism graduate of Indiana University, Chad began his career with Business News Daily in 2011 as a freelance writer. In 2014, he joined the staff full time as a senior writer. Before Business News Daily, Chad spent nearly a decade as a staff reporter for the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago, covering a wide array of topics including local and state government, crime, the legal system and education. Chad has also worked on the other side of the media industry, promoting small businesses throughout the United States for two years in a public relations role. His first book, How to Start a Home-Based App Development Business, was published in 2014. He lives with his wife and daughter in the Chicago suburbs.

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