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Disk Doctors offers a variety of data recovery services for just about any scenario and can resolve numerous different recovery issues. The company makes dozens of computer maintenance applications, including DIY data recovery suites, but they also offer professional data recovery services for more advanced loss cases that can't be resolved with software.

Disk Doctors

Disk Doctors

The Verdict

Disk Doctors is equipped to deal with a variety of data loss issues, and provides free, same day case evaluations for when you need to act fast.

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Disk Doctors offers several different levels of service, beginning with the standard service that operates during business hours at a non-rushed paced. Expedited service makes your case a priority, with dedicated technicians working to recover your data. Rush service puts your case up front, with engineers doing their best to finish your case within one to two days. Finally, a 24/7 emergency service is available to get your drive worked on as fast as possible.

There is no flat rate pricing; instead, the company quotes you a price based on an analysis of the problem. Different types of storage devices and different technical issues will affect how much the overall case will cost. The company does uphold a no data, no cost guarantee, meaning if they can't recover your data, they won't charge you for the service.

Evaluation Process

Disk Doctor's free evaluation begins with you shipping your media to their nearest location with a free shipping label. The service performs a same-day evaluation on your media, giving you a quick response and quote on your data recovery case. If you give the go ahead to start the recovery they will put the job in their work queue, depending on which service level you select.

Specialized recovery services are also available in certain cases, including a remote recovery option, which involves Disk Doctor technicians remotely connecting to your computer or server through a secure connection and performing a logical disk recovery. This type of service is only possible if the data loss issue is logical and the disk is not physically damaged.

For advanced data loss issues on enterprise servers, where data is sensitive or the hardware can't be physically shipped, there is an on-site recovery option that dispatches a technician to your location to work on your case. However, this option comes with a higher price tag.

Recovery Environment

Disk Doctors utilizes a class 100 ISO 5 cleanroom for recoveries at their many locations; however, there is no indication if these are certified cleanrooms, as there is no public certificate posted on their website. Transparency is important in these cases, as a subpar cleanroom environment used in a delicate disk recovery operation can ruin the data on the disk if not done properly, which is why we favor services that publicly post their up-to-date certification.

Security Features

Disk Doctors conduct their recovery operations at their secured, private facilities. Keep in mind that there's no indication that they follow certain security and privacy standards, including Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE), which ensures that the service meets those standards. This type of certification is important for clients that deal with sensitive data, such as financial information. One privacy standard the service claims to be qualified for is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for recovery of private medical data.

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Disk Doctors

Disk Doctors

The Verdict

Disk Doctors is equipped to deal with a variety of data loss issues, and provides free, same day case evaluations for when you need to act fast. Contributor