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Dokmee Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

Dokmee is a relatively easy-to-use document management solution that features data encryption of all electronic files plus as a HIPAA-compliant audit log, which tracks user access to sensitive data. For these reasons, Dokmee is our pick as the best secure document management software.



The Verdict

We chose Dokmee as the best document management system for security because it encrypts your documents and features a HIPAA-compliant audit log. It is a user-friendly system available to businesses of all sizes.

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 In addition to its encryption and audit log features, Office Gemini (the parent company of Dokmee) maintains data centers with redundant storage and round-the-clock monitoring to ensure your data is truly secure. User accounts (and all associated data) are protected with passwords that are encrypted using RSA keys. Of course, on-premises versions of Dokmee are subject to your company's own security.

Dokmee offers an organized, clutter-free user interface. It has most of the features we looked for in a document management program, all of which are easily accessible through a series of tabs on a toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen.

Here is a closer look at some of the features available with Dokmee:

  • Search: Dokmee's search function allows you to search by document type, document name, upload date or folder. Dokmee's search function isn't the most comprehensive of the applications we reviewed, but it makes retrieving your documents relatively simple. 
  • OCR: Dokmee works with your scanner to capture paper records and digitize them, using OCR to identify the text and images and upload them to the system. Some users have complained of occasional errors and slow processing, especially when uploading large batches of documents. Reducing the batch size generally seems to resolve these issues.

  • Versioning: Dokmee's version control feature lets you easily save new versions of documents and archive older ones. Dokmee always displays the most up-to-date version of a document when any user accesses it, but previous versions are easy to reference. Old versions are listed in the system as major or minor versions, each marked with a date and time stamp. Versioning is available through Dokmee's Enterprise and Cloud versions. 
  • Audit log: Dokmee is one of the few document management systems we reviewed that has a HIPAA-compliant audit log. This feature lets you examine activity across all your documents that could be related to HIPAA-protected information. Even if your business doesn't have to comply with HIPAA, it's a useful precaution for data privacy. 
  • Electronic signature: Dokmee offers an e-signature tool through its Professional, Enterprise and Cloud versions. Users can sign documents (or files) that require approvals as well as export signed documents to recipients. 
  • User permissions: With Dokmee, admins can set user permissions on an individual or group basis. Permissions allow admins to determine which users can see certain documents and who has authority to create new versions. In the Enterprise version of Dokmee, admin permissions can be set on a file-by-file basis, or to restrict access to specific folders. 

Dokmee offers several pricing tiers and plans. There are suitable choices for businesses of all sizes and needs; however, some plans do not offer all the security features that led us to choose Dokmee as the best document management system for security.

Below we've broken it down as to which versions include those security features.

  • Desktop: While Dokmee's Desktop version offers all the core document management features the other versions offer, it doesn't have access control and security features. If your business requires security features, consider one of Dokmee's other plans below. The Desktop version starts at a one-time licensure cost of $249 per workstation.

  • Professional: Dokmee Professional offers solid access control and security measures, allowing administrators to set permissions for multiple users, including restricting access to documents at the file cabinet level. Professional includes the HIPAA-compliant audit log. This version is intended for small and midsize businesses. Pricing isn't listed on the company's website; you'll need to contact Dokmee for a quote.

  • Enterprise: Besides encryption and a HIPAA-compliant audit log, Dokmee Enterprise includes automatic data backup services, which adds a welcome layer of protection on top of the already secure system. Administrators also gain extra control over user permissions, which they can tailor down to folder and file levels. This version is intended for large businesses, and you'll need to contact Dokmee for a price quote.

  • Cloud: Dokmee's Cloud version offers the same level of access control and security as the professional version, including file cabinet user restrictions and the HIPAA-compliant audit log. Cloud has four different pricing plans, with 10GB, 25GB, 50GB and 100GB of storage space. The 10GB plan is $29 per month for the first user and $15 per month for each additional user. The remaining plans are priced at $39, $59 and $99 per user, per month, respectively.

  • Mobile: Dokmee's Mobile system offers a lightweight version of the security measures in the other plans. These include the HIPAA-compliant audit log, which only records actions on documents, as well as folder- and file-level user permissions for enterprise clients only.

Dokmee offers a 30-day free trial. There are no obligations, and no credit card is required. The trial version includes all the features Dokmee has to offer.

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The Verdict

We chose Dokmee as the best document management system for security because it encrypts your documents and features a HIPAA-compliant audit log. It is a user-friendly system available to businesses of all sizes.

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