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DrChrono Review

Adam C. Uzialko
, writer
| Updated
Feb 08, 2019
> Human Resources

DrChrono is one of the most flexible practice management software solutions in our review. It can be tailored to the workflows of a medical practice of any specialty. It is most suitable for small and midsize practices. DrChrono is also one of the most cost-effective solutions we reviewed, even when it integrates electronic medical record (EMR) software from DrChrono.



The Best Medical Practice Management Software 2019

The Verdict

DrChrono is highly flexible and easy-to-use practice management software that can easily be tailored to the workflows of any practice, regardless of size or specialty. As a result, DrChrono is our best pick for customizable practice management software.

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Whether you need stand-alone practice management software or an integrated solution that includes electronic medical record (EMR) software, DrChrono can meet your needs. Pricing depends on your needs and the specifics of your practice. The company bills per provider, per month, which is the typical model throughout the industry. It includes all its features in the base pricing, with no additional startup costs. The only add-on fees are if you require integration with a third party that charges additional fees for its services, such as telemedicine or marketing tools.

We requested a quote for a hypothetical general medicine practice with three providers, which had an unknown volume of claims each month as it had not yet opened its doors. We were quoted a ballpark price of $499 per provider per month, which included integrated practice management and EMR software with e-prescribing of controlled substances and lab integrations. This makes DrChrono one of the more affordable choices in our review.



DrChrono offers a wide array of billing tools, checking all the major boxes and even offering some additional features that are nice to have. Considering the price, DrChrono's billing features are quite comprehensive.

  • Patient insurance eligibility verification: Prior to an appointment, DrChrono allows your practice to verify a patient's insurance information regarding deductibles, copayment and coinsurance, as well as any secondary or tertiary insurance.
  • Credit card processing: DrChrono has built-in credit card processing so that patients can quickly and easily make their payments at the point of care or from their home.
  • Claim submission: DrChrono makes it easy for your staff to submit claims quickly after charges are captured during a patient encounter.
  • Live claims feed: This allows staff to keep track of submitted claims and get status updates on clearinghouses and insurance companies.
  • Billing profiles: This reduces repetitive claim entries by allowing staff to set up billing profiles for common diagnoses, treatments and billing codes.
  • Denial management: Denied claims can be tracked and managed through DrChrono, allowing staff to revise and resubmit rejected claims in an attempt to get paid for the work your practice has already done.


DrChrono's scheduling tool is as comprehensive as its billing module. Again, considering the price, DrChrono offers a wide array of effective features to streamline your day-to-day operations, actively engage your patients and automate some common tasks to free up your staff for other needs.

  • Patient portal: Patients can schedule their own appointments, view their health information and test results, and securely communicate with their doctor through the patient portal.
  • Scheduling widget: The scheduling widget can be placed on any website, allowing patients to schedule an appointment without signing in to DrChrono, making it easy even for first-time patients to schedule themselves for an appointment.
  • Appointment profiles: Like billing profiles, staff can set appointment profiles to quickly and easily categorize their most common appointment types, associated billing codes and the typical duration.
  • Appointment reminders: DrChrono offers text, phone and email appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and keep the calendar moving.
  • Online registration: Patients can fill out vital information online before their first visit, reducing paperwork and intake time at their first appointment.
  • Patient check-in: DrChrono also offers patients the ability to check themselves in when they arrive for an appointment, reducing the need for staff to check patients in and freeing them up to handle other tasks.

Implementation and Training

DrChrono's implementation process typically takes about two months, which is significantly shorter than the industry average of 90 days. DrChrono's process begins with a kickoff call, in which your dedicated account manager finds out more about your practice, goals and specific needs. After the kickoff call, your account manager will schedule trainings with your staff and healthcare providers. Implementation includes about 10 trainings, the creation of any templates your practice requires, and any custom adjustments to the software to best suit your workflows.

After implementation, your practice will retain access to the dedicated account manager, which is a unique support feature from DrChrono. Most other vendors in our review only offer a tech support call center or ticket system, even if they do offer a dedicated liaison during implementation. With DrChrono, you have continuous access to a one-on-one point of contact for the life of your account.

Customer Service

Our customer service experience with DrChrono was excellent. We quickly connected with a representative who was friendly and knowledgeable. He gave us access to a free trial after our call, allowing us to take DrChrono for a test spin, which was especially useful. Many other vendors did not provide this level of access to the product prior to a demo.

In addition to your dedicated account manager, DrChrono maintains a ticket system with a one-hour turnaround time for 90 percent of issues. This system is designed to handle small complaints, saving your account manager for major problems and guidance.


DrChrono's only major limitation is that it isn't suitable for large practices. While it is extremely effective for small and midsize practices, with comprehensive practice management software and integrated EMR software at a very competitive price, it likely will not meet the needs of larger practices, enterprises and hospitals.

Editor's Note: Is your business looking for practice management software? Click the Compare Quotes button below to have our sister site BuyerZone connect you with vendors that can help.



The Best Medical Practice Management Software 2019

The Verdict

DrChrono is highly flexible and easy-to-use practice management software that can easily be tailored to the workflows of any practice, regardless of size or specialty. As a result, DrChrono is our best pick for customizable practice management software.

Adam C. Uzialko
Adam C. Uzialko
Adam C. Uzialko, a New Jersey native, graduated from Rutgers University in 2014 with a degree in political science and journalism and media studies. He reviews healthcare information technology, call centers, document management software and employee monitoring software. In addition to his full-time position at Business News Daily and, Adam freelances for several outlets. An indispensable ally of the feline race, Adam is owned by four lovely cats.