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Since it was founded in 1997, DreamHost has grown significantly and become a leading name in the web hosting industry. In addition to hosting large website, its services include blog hosting, and the company specializes in managed WordPress hosting.

DreamHost - CMS

DreamHost - CMS

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DreamHost offers a fully managed solution for your WordPress blog, which means that the company will take care of all the behind-the-scenes technical operations and maintenance for your blog. You also won't have to worry about backing up your site, because the company will do it for you. DreamHost will handle WordPress updates and provides you 24/7 support through live chat, email and Twitter.

DreamHost offers a virtual private server (VPS) setup for your WordPress blog, which means you get resources dedicated solely to your site that aren't shared with other blogs. Solid-state drives (SSDs) and 30GB of storage on the hosting plan mean that your readers will have a fast and reliable experience with your site. The RAM available for your site is flexible, as it scales automatically to fill requests that are constantly changing. This blog host doesn't limit the amount of visitors to your site, and its servers can handle up to 2.5 million visitors to your site every month.

Hosting a blog through DreamHost also gives you a lot of extra features to handle higher loads of simultaneous traffic on your blog, including varnish caching, which protects you from crashes by adding an additional layer of caching protection for your site during traffic spikes. DreamHost also uses Memcached – a distributed memory caching system – to produce faster load times. This can also reduce the number of requests to your host's database management system, typically MySQL, which means you can have more simultaneous visitors with fewer issues.

Because your blog will be hosted on a VPS rather than a traditional shared server, a lot of security concerns are handled already. Not having to share a server space with someone else keeps your information private and better protected against external security threats. A secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate isn't include in the package, so if you want to provide a secure website for sensitive information, you'll have to pay for DreamHost to provide you one each year.

DreamHost is useful for both beginner and advanced bloggers. This fully managed solution takes care of a lot of the small details for you, and it is set up on virtual private server to provide your website with dedicated resources and a high level of security.

DreamHost - CMS

DreamHost - CMS

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