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Dec 21, 2019
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eClinicalWorks is cloud-based practice management software that works with a series of other healthcare IT solutions, including an EMR system and patient engagement platform. It offers all the core features we looked for in practice management software, as well as some useful functions that could streamline patient registration and appointment setting.



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The Verdict

eClinicalWorks offers a competitively priced integrated EMR system and practice management platform. The company also offers medical billing services starting at 2.9% of practice collections.

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Ease of Use

eClinicalWorks has a neatly organized user interface that is easy to navigate. On the left-hand side of the screen is a series of icons that cover all the major modules within the system. These include the main dashboard, patient registration, secure messages, document storage, billing and analytics. The company offers five days of onsite training to acquaint your staff with the system before your go-live date. Hands-on training like this is a major benefit when you implement a new EMR system and practice management software.


eClinicalWorks has all the major features we looked for in our review, as well as several advanced features that could save your staff time and streamline your daily operations. It makes use of technology like optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to offer features that other practice management software does not. These are the core features we found during our review of eClinicalWorks:


eClinicalWorks' scheduling tool uses a color-coded calendar that can display appointments by provider or location. For example, if a provider is in Location A on Monday through Thursday, the background will appear blue, while individual appointments are colored accordingly. On Friday, when the provider is at Location B, the background might appear orange, while individual appointments adhere to the same color scheme.

You can run a real-time insurance eligibility verification check directly in the scheduler, either in a batch for all scheduled patients or on an individual patient. eClinicalWorks can also automatically run insurance eligibility checks on a recurring basis. The eligibility check pulls information from the clearinghouse about patient copayments, deductibles and policy. When the eligibility check is complete, a patient will appear on the calendar with a Y, N or question mark next to their name. A question mark signals that the patient must update their insurance information, which they can do through the patient portal or at a kiosk in your office.

When a patient arrives, staff can click on their appointment. A pop-up box will appear that allows the patient to be checked in, changing their status throughout the system. Any patient information that still needs to be updated can be added at this point, including a photo. You can also scan their driver's license and insurance card; the software uses OCR to pull any pertinent information from the cards and auto-populate the relevant fields.


eClinicalWorks' billing module features an E&M coder button to automatically review clinical documentation and generate the appropriate codes. It also has a built-in ICD-10 and CPT coding library for on-the-fly lookup of precise codes. The advanced search allows you to check several boxes about a condition or symptom, and the library will return all relevant codes for those criteria to help you create claims.

You can put claims through eClinicalWorks' scrubber to ensure they comply with current payer rules. The scrubbing tool reviews claims at the clearinghouse level with one of four clearinghouses that eClinicalWorks partners with. It will return any claims that aren't ready for submission and flag the reason for their anticipated rejection. The billing team can then revise the claim accordingly, re-scrub it, and submit it to payers for review and payment.

eClinicalWorks' revenue cycle management is a full-service medical billing operation. When a provider signs a clinical note, the eClinicalWorks billing team will take over, from charge posting to denial management. You can use the practice management software to monitor eClinicalWorks' progress in real time, as if it were an in-house biller working on your system.

Patient Portal

This portal allows patients to update their demographics information and fill out any necessary intake forms prior to arriving for their appointment. They can also use it to request medication refills, view their lab results, pay any outstanding balances and review their statements.

Patients can group their family members to use a single login for the portal. They can also toggle between English and Spanish settings. Patients can schedule telemedicine appointments through the portal if your practice offers it. Access to the eClinicalWorks patient portal via mobile app is free to patients.


eClinicalWorks generates its reports through the IBM Cognos engine. The platform offers daily, monthly, financial and administrative reports to give you a detailed view of your practice's performance. Common reports include "payments by patient," "copayment reports" and "payments by payer."

A daily scorecard shows a snapshot of the day's charges, adjustments, top CPT or ICD-10 codes, and more. You can set these reports to run on an automated recurring basis and to go directly to your inbox.

The system also features a claims status dashboard and a denial management dashboard, which help you stay on top of your revenue and ensure you are getting paid for your services in a timely manner. You can also track underpayments and see where your practice is leaving money on the table.

Pricing and Fees

eClinicalWorks uses a per-provider, per-month pricing model like most of the other practice management software we reviewed. It is competitively priced, starting at $599 per provider per month for an integrated EMR system and practice management software. It offers 50% off the subscription price for part-time healthcare providers.

The company also offers revenue cycle management and medical billing services, which cost an additional 2.9% of your net practice collections. Many companies charge 4% to 8% of net collections and include access to their software in this price, but eClinicalWorks charges the percentage on top of the subscription cost of the software.

Implementation and Training

The subscription price of eClinicalWorks covers the implementation and training costs. Many vendors include training, but it tends to be virtual training or online courses. eClinicalWorks offers five days of onsite training at no extra cost, which is a huge benefit when your staff is trying to learn a new system. Moreover, the company will handle data migration from a legacy EMR system or practice management software during the implementation phase.

Customer Service

Our customer service experience with eClinicalWorks was adequate. Representatives were knowledgeable and friendly, and the live demonstration they gave us was a useful window into how eClinicalWorks would fit into a practice's daily operations. However, we did not receive a follow-up message with the recording of the live demonstration that we specifically requested. eClinicalWorks customer service is available by phone between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.


A key drawback we identified during our review of eClinicalWorks is that its revenue cycle management services are priced at a percentage of practice collections on top of the subscription rate to its healthcare IT software solutions. Most vendors either charge a subscription rate for software or charge a percentage of collections for medical billing services and include software access for free. However, eClinicalWorks' percentage is significantly lower than what most medical billing services charge. If you want to outsource your billing, just be aware that it will cost a percentage of your collections in addition to the monthly $599 per provider for the integrated EMR system and practice management software. 

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The Best Medical Practice Management Software of 2020

The Verdict

eClinicalWorks offers a competitively priced integrated EMR system and practice management platform. The company also offers medical billing services starting at 2.9% of practice collections.

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