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By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 5, 2018

The Edgewater EdgeMarc 4570 is an ESBC, or enterprise session border controller, for small and medium-sized businesses. It connects, optimizes, monitors and protects IP-based communications, including IP PBX systems.

The PBX system comes in a metallic rectangular box with a 1U chassis. It measures 9.25 x 6.5 x 1.75 inches and weighs 2 pounds. To adequately bridge analog and digital telephony systems with IP networks, the EdgeMarc 4570 has four Ethernet LAN ports, one Ethernet WAN port, eight FXS ports for analog phone lines and a DB9 console port. It also has two USB ports and comes with a 12-volt external power brick. It can support up to 30 concurrent WAN calls, enough for small or midsized offices. When the wireless internet access fails, it automatically reroutes VoIP calls locally or over public telephone networks. At all times, the device prioritizes data traffic for VoIP calls.

As an enterprise session border controller, the EdgeMarc 4570 connects your business's communications infrastructure with the internet, a PBX phone system and session initiation protocol (mainly used for voice and video calls as well as instant messaging) trunk service providers. It can serve as a bridge for digital and analog phone services and the foundation of your organization's unified communications platform.

This all-in-one IP box also provides a single management console and a web-based graphical user interface. It packs multiple security features for keeping your business communications secure. Some of these security measures are password encryption, a firewall that inspects data packets without lowering the quality of VoIP calls, denial of service protection and AES encryption.

The PBX phone system boasts a number of basic and advanced call features. These include call waiting, hold and transfer, conferencing, caller ID, fax support, and passive call monitoring. However, in its basic configuration, this multipurpose telephony appliance only supports a maximum of eight concurrent WAN calls. You have to pay additional licensing fees to upgrade it to support 15 and 30 simultaneous calls. In addition to licensing fees, extending the capacity of the EdgeMarc 4570 means paying for modules that let you add more phone lines.

While the Edgewater EdgeMarc 4570 securely ties analog phone systems, PBX systems and IP services in one easily managed platform, it cannot be scaled to meet the needs of large organizations. Even for small and medium-sized businesses, extending the limited capacity of the standard model of the EdgeMarc 4570 can be costly.

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