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Egnyte Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Egnyte is a comprehensive cloud storage solution with file-sharing and collaboration tools for teams, and sophisticated administrative controls for management and IT. The platform includes backup capabilities, so you can set it up as a hybrid system for redundancy. For all of this and more, Egnyte is our pick as the best cloud storage and online backup solution for collaboration.



The Verdict

Egnyte's hybrid approach to cloud computing and storage is a cost-efficient, productive solution. It delivers a generous feature set ideal for teams that share documents and collaborate on projects.

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Egnyte Pricing and Plans

Egnyte offers three storage plans for businesses, in addition to a limited team plan for very small businesses. The storage allotted to each plan is teamwide, since this platform excels in collaboration features and should be used as such. The monthly pricing is based on a prepaid annual subscription. 

Here is a breakdown of each plan. 

Team plan: 

  • Online storage: 1TB
  • Price: $10 per employee per month
  • Size: 1-3 employees 

Office plan: 

  • Online storage: 5TB
  • Price: $8 per employee per month
  • Size: 5-25 employees 

Business plan: 

  • Online storage: 10TB
  • Price: $20 per employee per month
  • Size: 25-100 employees 

Enterprise plan: 

  • Online storage: Scales with your needs
  • Price: Call for a quote
  • Size: 100+ employees 

The biggest difference between each plan is the amount of storage, but each plan has its own security measures, administrative and IT tools, deployment options, and hybrid integration features. The typical maximum file size is 10GB; however, Egnyte can work with you to customize a plan if you need to transfer larger files. 

Egnyte offers a 15-day free trial. You get 20GB of cloud-based storage and 1GB of FTP uploading and sharing during the trial period. 

Egnyte's rich set of features includes customization, file sharing, top-notch security and synchronization. The service offers first-rate file support – you can store nearly any type of file, including word documents, slideshows, videos, email, databases and software. You can even store music files, though you'll need a third-party player to stream them. 

Within your Egnyte portal, you and your employees can easily share files and collaborate with remote individuals from a single centralized access point. Detailed folder permissions allow you to define tight rules around access to certain data. Not only can you specify who sees shared folders, you can also set permissions that determine who in your company can edit and delete files. 

Link expiration features let you specify how long someone has access to a given document. Egnyte automatically creates a new version of a document each time a change is saved, and you can determine the number of versions you want to keep before older versions are moved to the trash folder. 

The backup service uses stringent security measures to safeguard data. File transmissions use 256-bit AES encryption over SSL. Users are authenticated with a username and password, and as an administrator, you set the access rights for all users and guests you share data with. 

As a hybrid cloud and local storage solution, Egnyte conveniently provides continuous synchronization between local files and online copies. The platform detects changes to files and syncs them, keeping both copies up to date. Hybrid storage and backup provides redundant protection, meaning if one source fails, you still have a viable source where you can access your files and back them up. 

The custom branding feature lets you integrate your own URL for the interface and portal, complete with your company's logo and messaging. This can boost brand continuity and peace of mind with your customers. 

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The Verdict

Egnyte's hybrid approach to cloud computing and storage is a cost-efficient, productive solution. It delivers a generous feature set ideal for teams that share documents and collaborate on projects.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley Staff
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