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Elavon Credit Card Processing Review

Lori Fairbanks
Lori Fairbanks
Domain Editor Staff
Updated Dec 09, 2022

Elavon is one of the country’s largest credit card processors. It’s been in business for over 25 years, works with more than 1 million businesses worldwide, and processes more than 3 billion transactions annually. Its notable clients include IKEA, Costco, Wyndham and Hilton Hotel Groups, and many airlines. In addition to its larger clients, this full-service payment processor serves small businesses.

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Elavon Credit Card Processing

The Verdict

Elavon is a trusted name in credit card processing. It has in-store, online and mobile payment solutions and offers flat-rate pricing to its small business merchants.

Elavon offers multiple processing solutions, allowing you to accept payments at a physical location, on the go and online. It’s unique among the large processors in that it posts the pricing for its small business merchants on its website. It lists flat rates, but you can call the company and speak with a sales rep if you want a pricing plan with interchange-plus rates.

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Pricing and Terms

For small businesses, Elavon offers a flat-rate pricing plan, where you pay the same rate no matter what brand or type of credit or debit card you accept. Here’s what you’ll pay:

  • In-person transactions using a card reader: 2.65% + $0.19
  • Online or keyed-in transactions: 3.5% + $0.19
  • Monthly fee: $10
  • No monthly minimum processing requirement and no PCI compliance or cancellation fees

Interchange-Plus Pricing

This pricing model is also available from Elavon, but you’ll need to call the company and speak with a sales rep to get a quote. You may need to specifically request this pricing model, and the rates you’re quoted depend on your monthly processing volume, average sales ticket size and industry, among other factors. You’ll also want to specifically ask about various fees, such as PCI compliance and gateway fees.


You can cancel your small business’s flat-rate plan at any time without a fee. However, as you would with any credit card processor, you want to read the full contract (application, program guide, and terms and conditions) before signing the application or giving the company your bank account and Social Security numbers. Standard processing contracts carry three-year terms that automatically renew and have an expensive early termination fee, so you’ll want to verify that the contract has been updated to remove the cancellation fee. You should also make sure that you’re aware of all possible fees.

Special Pricing and Promotions for Costco Members

Costco has partnered with Elavon to offer payment processing services to its members. This plan has no early termination fees, a $10 chargeback fee – which is lower than most – and a discount on a Poynt terminal. It’s best for Costco’s Executive members, as there’s also no monthly statement fee.

However, regular Costco members will be charged a setup fee (which is unusual), and the program advertises rates from a tiered pricing model – which isn’t as transparent as interchange plus – and only the qualified rates are listed. You’ll want to call and request an interchange-plus pricing quote or, if only the tiered pricing plan is available, find out the mid-qualified and non-qualified rates, as well as which types of cards and acceptance methods apply to each tier.


Elavon sets you up with your own merchant account and offers multiple processing solutions to help you accept credit cards every way your customers want to pay. You can also use it to accept ACH transactions.

In-Store Credit Card Processing

Elavon gives you multiple processing hardware options for accepting credit cards at a physical location. For small businesses, it advertises an Ingenico terminal for $270, but other options are available, including Ingenico and Verifone terminals and the Poynt smart terminal. If you want a tablet-based point-of-sale terminal, it’s compatible with Talech and NCR Silver. You can purchase your processing equipment, but leasing is also available. Be aware that the leasing contract is noncancelable.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

You can accept credit cards wherever you are using a phone or tablet, a mobile card reader, and Elavon’s Converge Mobile app. The app is available for Apple and Android phones and tablets. The Ingenico card reader that it advertises for $89 with this plan accepts both magnetic stripe and chip cards. It also takes contactless payments, so you can accept contactless cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Online Credit Card Processing

Elavon offers its Converge payment gateway for e-commerce credit card processing, subscription billing and online invoicing. This payments provider integrates with several online shopping carts and offers buy buttons and hosted payment pages that you can add to an existing website. APIs are also available if you need a custom integration.

Industry-Specific Processing Solutions

Elavon caters to the processing needs of businesses in several industries, including retail, restaurant, hospitality, airlines, healthcare and education.

Customer Service

Elavon provides you with 24/7 phone support and a dedicated account rep. You can also search the company’s website for information or email customer support.


Elavon’s rates aren’t the lowest, and most other flat-rate plans don’t carry monthly fees. As with any payment processing service, you’ll need to read the contract to verify the terms, and you may need to request an amended contract or waiver to avoid the standard three-year term. You also need to request an interchange-plus quote if you prefer that pricing model.

Elavon does have 24/7 phone support, which may be an important consideration for businesses that keep irregular hours and prefer to call rather than email customer support when experiencing issues. However, if you want to use the company’s online resources to find answers to your questions, you may find it challenging. The website isn’t very intuitive, and you may have to use the search field and dig around to find the information you’re looking for.

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Elavon Credit Card Processing

The Verdict

Elavon is a trusted name in credit card processing. It has in-store, online and mobile payment solutions and offers flat-rate pricing to its small business merchants.

Lori Fairbanks
Lori Fairbanks Staff
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