Best Employment Solutions Team Review

Matt D'Angelo
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Jul 09, 2019

Best Employment Solutions Team (BEST) provides a variety of PEO services to small businesses. It offers HR, risk payroll, benefits and a solid training program for businesses operating in a variety of industries. Like all the PEOs we reviewed, BEST takes humdrum corporate tasks out of the hands of small business owners so they can focus on day-to-day business operations. BEST provides some of the most extensive training resources of any PEO we reviewed. It also features benefits administration that includes employee claim assistance, so your employees can work with BEST representatives when they need to deal with insurance companies.

Best Employment Solutions Team

Best Employment Solutions Team

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The Verdict

BEST provides great services in all 50 states, offering one of the best training packages of any company we reviewed. However, it lacks industry accreditation with ESAC or the IRS. Additionally, it has a long-term contract requirement.

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It features no employee minimums, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. It can also scale up to enterprise-level services, which means BEST is a company that can grow and change with your business. It has a solid online reputation, sporting an A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It's accredited by the BBB and has been operating for more than 25 years. BEST is a member of NAPEO (The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations) and has been audited by an independent CPA. It is not accredited by ESAC (The Employer Services Assurance Corporation) or the IRS, however.

BEST is a national PEO, so you'll be able to partner with the company even though you aren't located near its headquarters in Michigan. It's one of the few companies we reviewed that provides services in all 50 states. Many PEOs provide services to a majority of states on a national level as opposed to every single one.

This PEO offers solid support options, including live chat, email and phone support. This is in addition to a business owner's ability to contact BEST's HR team for direct support on various PEO-related issues.

While BEST isn't one of our best picks, it still provides great services to small businesses. Its training is a standout aspect of its offering – business owners have access to a range of training materials and topics based on specific needs of the business.

BEST Pricing and Terms

BEST's offering prioritizes flexibility for its clients. The ability to add and remove services based on your needs makes it ideal for new and growing businesses. It also charges on a per-employee basis rather than a percentage of total payroll. Some PEO companies charge fees as a percentage of a small business's total payroll. This can open the door to payroll minimums and your fees fluctuating as your company grows its revenues and provides raises to employees. By paying a flat fee per employee, you can predict your PEO costs. The flat per-employee fee is separate from healthcare and 401(k) costs, which are in addition to the PEO per-employee fee.

While BEST is flexible with the services it offers its clients, it's one of the few companies we evaluated that works with long-term contracts. We interacted with BEST sales agents on the company's live chat feature on its website. We posed as a hypothetical small business looking for more information about its services. A representative told us that clients who partner with BEST sign up for a 12-month contract and have to pay administration fees if they cancel early. Should you cancel before the 12-month mark, you'll have to provide 30 days' written notice.

BEST can provide extensive services for a variety of businesses. Because of its size, it's uniquely qualified to provide more personalized coverage than some of its competitors. According to a recent NAPEO white paper, about half of the PEO industry is dominated by just a few players. This tips the balance of clients toward larger companies, leaving companies that can provide good, personalized services, like BEST, in a position to work closely with your business.

Based on its track record and time in business, BEST is by no means a small player in the PEO industry. But one of the advantages of working with a company that isn't one of the few major corporations in the industry means that you'll be able to get great services and support.


BEST provides a full-fledged PEO solution, with features ranging from benefits and healthcare to HR outsourcing services. The training services are also a standout offering to BEST's package. By partnering with BEST, you'll have access to a PEO that provides great features and offers personal customer service.

  • HR Services: BEST offers outsourced HR solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. You can view a full list of its HR services here. Some important services to note, however, include personnel file maintenance and HR policy development. In addition to these services, clients who partner with BEST have access to handbook and policy development, employment verification requests, like background checks and employee screenings, labor and tax compliance, employee onboarding and recruiting, termination and dispute assistance, and various employee training resources. You can also get insight on labor laws and termination practices. BEST provides a full-fledged HR solution that is on a par with some of the best companies we reviewed.
  • Benefits: BEST separates itself by providing some marquee benefits services. Unlike some of the other companies we reviewed, BEST can help your employees handle bill reconciliation and payment. In addition to these services, companies that partner with BEST have medical, health, dental and vision plans, as well as 401(k) retirement support and Section 125 pretax plans. You can set up FSAs through BEST and offload paperwork responsibilities for enrolling and terminating employees. BEST provides COBRA notification and administration as well as ACA and HIPAA compliance. You can view all of BEST's benefits services here.
  • Payroll: This company provides personalized payroll support. Some companies we reviewed offer an online platform for tracking and managing payroll. BEST is one of the few companies that provides hands-on support. You can view a full list of BEST's payroll features here. Noteworthy responsibilities BEST handles are paid time off tracking, direct deposit offerings, wage garnishments, payroll reports and W-2 preparation. You'll also have access to an online payroll platform.
  • Risk and Compliance: BEST's risk offering goes above and beyond some of the other companies we reviewed. It offers full compliance with state and federal laws on payroll and HR management. It provides a full workers' compensation package, with return-to-work programs, fraudulent claims investigation and background checks. It also provides onsite safety inspections, safety policy development and consulting, claim management, OSHA compliance, and safety training. Some PEOs we reviewed provide extensive payroll, benefits, and HR services but are lacking in risk management services; BEST offers solid support for all four, and a team with designated workers for each category of service.

Training Offered

This PEO provides in-depth training services, including safety training and individualized HR training on topics like conflict resolution. It offers more than 7,000 different kinds of training resources in the form of both online and onsite training. Topics range from safety and risk management to HR management. Some topics include supervisory training for hiring, disciplinary and termination procedures, as well as safety site training.

The flexibility of online and onsite training makes this PEO a good option for businesses that require extensive training resources – especially labor-based businesses that require a lot of training and safety inspections for compliance purposes.

Customer Service

BEST provides a full-fledged service team to assist you with different aspects of your plan. As with many PEOs we reviewed, one point person acts as the facilitator between you and these different experts, should you need their assistance. This point person can usually handle basic questions and HR-related topics, and push more technical questions to a team of experts within the company. Either way, they provide hands-on personalized support for your business's PEO needs.

We also set up a hypothetical small business and contacted BEST's sales team to get an idea of the company's overall customer service offering. We live chatted with the company and asked a variety of questions about its services. In all instances, the sales representatives were quick to respond and helped us better understand their offering. They were not only informative, but also helpful, and they didn't push us to sign up. Instead, they worked to understand our business's needs and determine whether their services could meet those needs.


Despite BEST's offerings, it's not accredited by either ESAC or the IRS. It is a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating.

While not every PEO we reviewed has accreditation from the ESAC or IRS, industry accreditation can be a tiebreaker in your hunt for the right PEO. Also, there are fees associated with early cancellation, but this practice is not specific to BEST.

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Best Employment Solutions Team

Best Employment Solutions Team

Reviews at

The Verdict

BEST provides great services in all 50 states, offering one of the best training packages of any company we reviewed. However, it lacks industry accreditation with ESAC or the IRS. Additionally, it has a long-term contract requirement.

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
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