EOS Eosint Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 14, 2017

The EOS Eosint M 280 uses DMLS, direct metal laser sintering, to print metal into finished, ready-to-use 3D parts. Similar to most industrial 3D printers, the Eosint M 280 has a large build volume, numerous compatible materials and produces high-quality, efficient prints.

Many of the best professional 3D printers utilize additive manufacturing to turn CAD files into tangible objects. The EOS Eosint M 280 uses a slightly different method than many other professional 3D printers as it prints with metal instead of plastics or wax. A high-grade laser melts metal materials that turn into a powder. The melted metal is then extruded into layers until the model is finished. The maximum size you can build is 10 x 10 x 13, which is larger than average for most 3D printers. The Eosint also has a 23 feet per second scan speed, making production very efficient.

Unlike most 3D printers, the Eosint M 280 is a metal 3D printer. Lasers melt certain metals into your designs and products. Light metal alloys such as aluminum, titanium and heavier metals like steel or iron are compatible with the Eosint. Parts printed from metal are much more durable than those printed with plastic, as they are use-end parts, not prototypes.

This large-scale 3D printer is truly a large machine only suited to companies with dedicated space and resources. The Eosint M 280 is about 2,800 pounds and needs at least 16 x 12 x 10 feet of installation space. Reminiscent of computers from the mid-20th century, the Eosint M 280 has a control panel and is equipped with everything you'll need to create metal pieces.

For large-scale 3D printing, you'll need professional software to create meticulously accurate designs. The included software, EOS RP Tools, along with any CAD program can help you turn STL files into functioning parts and models. The company behind the Eosint, e-Manufacturing, provides customer support and is easy to contact via the online form. From the website, you can also search for service providers by country as well.

The EOS Eosint is one of the best industrial 3D printers for DMLS printing. With various premium metal materials, the Eosint M 280 can provide your company with strong, quality prints.

Business.com Editorial Staff
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