eVoice Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 5, 2018

eVoice provides business lines to you and your employees no matter where you’re located, even if all your employees are scattered or working from home. This business phone service helps you sound professional to customers and clients as they call in. Many features are included with this service, which is a plus, since several other phone services charge extra for some of these features.

After you choose a business phone line, either local or toll-free, eVoice creates a custom auto attendant greeting. This greeting guides your callers through an automated menu so that your customers reach the right person or department. The automated system answers calls 24/7, so even if someone calls your business at an unusual hour, the call can be routed to the appropriate person’s or department’s voicemail.

Calls can be routed anywhere you choose, even to multiple numbers at once. You can set different routing rules depending on caller, call time or any other criteria. You can elect to have calls sent straight to voicemail, to your mobile device or to your employees. No matter what number your clients are sent to, they will only ever see your business number, which protects your and your employees’ privacy.

If you have a voicemail, it can be transcribed to text and sent via email or text message. Voicemail messages are also converted to audio files, such as MP3 or WAV, and sent to your email address. These options make it easier to receive messages even if you’re not close to your phone or are unable to answer a call.

Small business phone service packages vary in price depending on the number of minutes you expect to use each month. All plans include the same features. Some of these features are online faxing, a second phone line, voicemail, simultaneous or sequential ringing, and hold music. You can pay extra for features like business texting, call recording, and web or video conferencing.

eVoice is an excellent small business phone service provider that gives you a lot of calling features without charging extra for them. Its pricing structure is different from other companies’ in that it charges per minute instead of per phone line. Its call greeting, extensions and routing capabilities are unique as well.

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