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ExpressVPN Review

By editorial staff, Writer | Updated Jul 29, 2018

ExpressVPN maintains multiple servers in dozens of countries to guarantee nearly universal enterprise VPN service uptime and minimal lag. Switching is fast and secure, with no traceable logs kept of browsing sessions. The service comes with unlimited customer support, and multiple devices may be connected through the data channel at once.

Connecting to an enterprise VPN service through ExpressVPN is quite simple. The service is available as a downloadable app that runs on Windows, Mac iOS and Android systems. Once downloaded to your drive, the program automatically installs and appears as an icon on your desktop. Using the service only requires activating the app and then browsing normally. If any problems develop, the company offers 24/7 customer help via email or online chat through the company's website.

ExpressVPN uses strong encryption and multiple protocols to ensure the security of its enterprise VPN service. In addition to the proprietary encryption system, the network runs an industry-standard IPsec protocol as well as SSTP and PPTP client hosting. The system works to fully anonymize users, and no logs are retained of browsing sessions that can be connected to you and other users. In this way, the service ExpressVPN offers can be used as a proxy server to mask your IPs and circumvent externally imposed restrictions on internet access.

With servers in 78 countries, ExpressVPN is able to offer enterprise VPN service with no speed limit, no data cap and a promise of 99.9 percent uptime. A standard service plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and fast, unrestricted switching. You can connect through one desktop device and one mobile gadget simultaneously, which effectively doubles the bandwidth available to customers. The company offers a discount for referrals, and customers are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee on their plans.

By building up a sizable network of interconnected servers, ExpressVPN has established a fast, reasonably flexible enterprise VPN service that works from almost anywhere in the world. The lack of geographic restrictions is a plus, as some countries impose blocks on service, which ExpressVPN customers can usually get around. Unlimited bandwidth, download speed and data volume are likewise beneficial to enterprise customers. Quick turnaround on emailed requests for help are a positive feature, but the lack of phone support can be taken as a negative for some customers, especially those who need real-time assistance, but who aren't able to use the online chat for one reason or another. editorial staff: Expert editorial staff, Writer
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