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Freelancer Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Freelancer is a bid-based crowdsourcing site that connects businesses with qualified freelancers for short- or long-term work. It offers a platform for posting projects, evaluating bids, communicating with freelancers and paying for services.

This crowdsourcing solution offers 12 kinds of services: website/IT/software, design/media/architecture, product sourcing and marketing, translation and languages, mobile phone and computing, data entry and admin, sales and marketing, local jobs and services, writing and content, engineering and science, business/accounting/human resources/legal, and a catch-all other category that includes such things as "chat buddies." You can find local workers as well as freelancers across the globe.

You create your brief for the project you want. Freelancer takes on work of any level from small jobs to hourly work. Some of the projects on the site include fixing a programming error in WordPress, local photography for an event or skilled clerical work on an ongoing, part-time basis. You can specify the schedule, cost range and desired milestones. For example, if you are looking to create an eCommerce site, you may set milestones for template completion, inventory loading and the successful debugging of the site. 

You can post your project for free, which differs from some crowdsourcing sites that require you to pay for a package. From there, freelancers submit their bids. You can also browse the pool of freelancers to recruit someone specific. Once you've selected a person and accepted the bid, Freelancer provides you a platform for secure communications and project management. You pay the person according to the schedule you set, and the Freelancer Milestone Payment system handles the transaction.

This crowdsourcing platform has mobile communication tools so you can communicate with your freelancer on the go. This is especially handy if you need to go offsite to gather information, such as photos of a physical area for use in the project.

Freelancer offers crowdsourcing services in a variety of areas having to do with writing and design, computers and administration, and engineering and sciences. It allows you to propose projects and take bids or to select people from the pool of available freelancers. This crowdsourcing platform lets you communicate with your employee either on the computer or via your mobile device and handles your payments according to the schedule of deliverables you set.

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