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Gadook Review

Chad Brooks
, writer
| Updated
Dec 03, 2018
> Marketing

Gadook is our choice as the best online reputation management service for reputation attacks because it is able to help both businesses and individuals repair damaged online images. The company is able to conduct a full analysis of the keywords and phrases connected to your brand that are bubbling to the top of the search engine results and take the necessary steps to create new, positive content to help push those items away from the forefront. 



The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2019

The Verdict

Gadook is an inexpensive and privacy-conscious service that can help you repair or manage your online reputation. It's our choice as the best online reputation management service for reputation attacks.

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If your business or personal brand is finding itself the target of a lot of negative comments, reviews or articles online, you want a reputation management service that is able to ensure that undesirable content is not the first thing people see when they search for you, or your business. 

Gadook can handle this task and much more. The company conducts an analysis of the current state of your online image and works to determine just how bad your online reputation is and the specific keywords that need to be repaired and monitored. The firm then creates positive content with those keywords in an effort to push the negative content off of the first few pages of search engine results. 

Besides repairing a damaged reputation, those who have come under a reputation attack also want an online reputation management company that is going to keep their image on the up and up after the work to repair it is complete. That's why Gadook spends time monitoring the web for mentions of you or your brand. This allows them to respond quickly to anything negative that comes online. This helps ensure that your brand's reputation remains positive and that major repair work isn't needed in the future. 

Gadook Pricing 

Unlike some online reputation management services, Gadook doesn't have set service plans or pricing for its reputation management services. The company works with each of its potential clients to develop customized campaigns based on their specific needs. 

The campaigns are developed after first speaking with the client about how they view their online reputation and what their end goals are. Some clients are looking to have a damaged reputation repaired, while others are simply looking for someone to monitor their brand's online image to ensure it stays positive. 

Once Gadook has an idea of your goals, the company then conducts its own online analysis of your reputation, to assess the current state and what work needs to be done to meet your end goals. 

The company then develops a formal proposal that lays out the strategies it thinks are needed. Based on the work and time required, Gadook provides a monthly price quote. During our research this time around the company did not provide a price quote; however, in the past they have quoted us costs of about $400 a month. 

Knowing that the pricing is so customized, we would encourage you to contact Gadook directly to speak with them about your needs so they can provide you specific cost information for your situation. 

When it comes to contracts, Gadook told us they require an initial three-month commitment, but after that you work with them month-to-month. This gives you some time to repair your online reputation and if you aren't seeing progress to walk away after three months with no penalty. Some of the other companies we looked into required longer-term contracts of between six and 12 months. 

Gadook Online Reputation Management Services 

Gadook offers a wide range of online reputation management services. The company optimizes your website for SEO purposes, creates new content to push down negative content and boost your positive search results, handles your social media networks and manages your reviews. 

Some of Gadook's specific services include: 

Reputation analysis: Gadook starts out by determining the image you, or your business, currently has. They take everything into account to develop a campaign that will repair a damaged reputation and boost a positive one. 

Review management: Gadook controls 35 review sites where you can lead your customers to send reviews. In this way, it can promote the positive reviews while alerting you to the negative ones, so you can address the complaints without taking a hit to your reputation. 

Brand protection: Once your online reputation has been repaired, it is critical to ensure it stays positive. Gadook takes a number of steps to help ensure this happens. Among some of the steps they take include responding to negative online articles, creating microsites to boost positive content and creating and distributing press releases in order to help generate more backlinks to your sites and increase your domain value. 

Rebranding: If your business's reputation is in a state where other strategies like creating positive content to push negative articles off the first page of search reviews aren't working, then Gadook can create a complete rebranding campaign. This involves a website redesign, content refurbishing, server migration, a domain renaming and a rebranding of your customer service. 

Social media: Gadook can help you develop and maximize your social media, which builds customer relationships and helps push negative content off the first search page.

Websites: This service believes a strong website is crucial for a good reputation. It analyzes your existing website and suggests improvements. Much of it has to do with standard SEO techniques, but Gadook constantly experiments with new techniques and monitors keywords and Google algorithms to ensure its methods are up to date. It also doesn't limit itself to Google but works to get the most effective mix. 

Pros and Cons 

One benefit of Gadook is its wide range of services, from helping you clean up from a reputation attack to monitoring your social media to managing your online reviews, Gadook is able to handle all of the main tasks both businesses and professionals are looking for in an online reputation management service. 

We also like that the company values the privacy of its clients. When we contacted the company posing as a business representative interested in their services, they would not reveal any of their other clients. In addition, they offered to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure no details of what led to our negative online reputation were revealed to others. 

Another plus for Gadook is its added online marketing services. This includes web marketing, web design, web development, project management, system administration and senior level participation.  

One downside to Gadook is that its website falls a little short in providing solid details on the strategies it uses in its online reputation marketing campaigns. Some businesses want to find out as many details as they can online, before having to contact the company to learn specifics on things like pricing. 

We were also disappointed to see that the company is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Despite that, Gadook has a B rating, and as of November 2018, there had only been two complaints filed against it in the past 12 months.  

Account Structure 

When working with Gadook, each client is provided with its own dedicated account manager. This serves as your go-to-person for everything involved with your campaign. You can contact them to go over ideas for new content or to get specifics on how a campaign is faring. It is nice that you have one person, who knows all of the ins and outs of your business and the campaign, that you can go to with questions, suggestions or concerns. 

To test what it would be like to work with Gadook, we called the company multiple times posing as a business representative who was interested in their online reputation management services. While we weren't blown away from the service we received, nothing left us with a sour taste in our mouth, either.

During each of the calls we had no problem getting our questions answered and learning more about the services offered. There were times when we would have liked a little more detail in their answers, but we understood that they needed more specifics from us, such as links to the negative content we wanted removed and our website, to provide us with the answers we were hoping for. 

In the end, Gadook is a straightforward service that can provide all of the services businesses and business professionals would look for in an online reputation management company. 

Editor's note: Looking for an online reputation management service? Click the Compare Quotes button below to have our vendor partners reach out to you with information.



The Best Online Reputation Management Providers of 2019

The Verdict

Gadook is an inexpensive and privacy-conscious service that can help you repair or manage your online reputation. It's our choice as the best online reputation management service for reputation attacks.

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks is a Chicago-based writer with more than 20 years of media experience. A graduate of Indiana University, Chad began his career with Business News Daily in 2011 as a freelance writer. In 2014, he joined the staff as a senior writer. Currently, Chad covers a wide range of B2B products and services, including business phone systems, time and attendance systems, payroll services, and conference call services. Before joining Business News Daily and, Chad spent nearly a decade as a staff reporter for the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago. Chad's first book, "How to Start a Home-Based App Development Business," was published in 2014. He lives with his wife and daughter in the Chicago suburbs.