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Geotab Review

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
Freelance Writer

Geotab is an elite industry telematics solution that provides hardware and software to a wide range of businesses and fleet tracking providers. Its software and hardware is ideal for larger fleets and bigger businesses that need to scale the personalized services telematics software offers. It has several different offerings (including hardware and software packages) that can meet a variety of needs for small businesses. 



The Verdict

Geotab provides small businesses with advanced telematics solutions. However, it lacks online transparency so you'll have to go through the sales process to get important details on the company's offering.

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While the breadth of its services are substantial, it's difficult to get any insight into pricing or plan structure. Geotab doesn't list any of this information online. It also doesn't publish details that other telematics services in this category publish, like software refresh time, contract length and vehicle minimums. Our recommendation is to contact the company to learn more about its software and what price you can expect to pay. 

Pricing and Contract 

Geotab doesn't list pricing or contract information online. Our research process involves posing as small business owners and interacting with company sales teams. This gives us insight into the sales process, more details on a company's offering and a better idea of how the company treats customer service. 

Our inquiries, both of which were via email, were unsuccessful. Despite two conversations with Geotab sales representatives, we didn't receive any additional details on pricing, contract structure or if there is a minimum vehicle requirement. 

You'll have to contact Geotab's sales department to get more details. We did learn, however, that Geotab can support any kind of compliance needed, which includes IFTA, HoS and ELD compliance. You can read more about the company's compliance offering here

Features and Services 

  • Hardware and installation: It's not clear what kinds of devices Geotab provides. The company likely provides either OBD II port devices or more advanced hardware (or both). It does have a Geotab device section on its website, but the website doesn't state how that builds into overall plans with the company. Geotab offers installation documentation, so you can read more about how to install your devices once you have them. Some fleet tracking companies offer free installation as part of their service. It's not clear if Geotab provides this or not. You can read more about hardware and installation here.

  • Safety: Geotab provides driver scorecards, so you can understand which drivers need coaching and which could receive incentives for good performance. There's also in-vehicle driver feedback, so your drivers can get coaching on the road. You can read more about Geotab's safety features here.

  • Fuel performance: Geotab's platform has several fuel performance reporting features. You can understand all aspects of your fleet to cut down on unproductive miles. You can better manage routes, speed, idle time and vehicle maintenance to get the most out of your fleet. There are also fuel cards, which allow you to better monitor fuel purchasing and consumption. You can read more about the company's fuel performance features here.

  • Maintenance: Geotab allows you to check in on engine diagnostics and other vehicle services to help you get the most out of your fleet. It can help you detect problems before they arise and help you schedule maintenance, like oil or tire changes.

  • Alerts: You can set up multiple alerts through Geotab, like instant accident notifications. Geotab also has a system that can provide in-cab alerts to your drivers to improve their safety. You can read more about this company's alert system here.

  • Customer reviews: Geotab is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, and it has earned an A+ with the rating agency. It has good reviews on other telematics review websites that speak to its overall quality. Overall, Geotab has a solid online reputation. 

Pros and Cons

  • Pro
    • Geotab has a range of services that can support almost any fleet.
    • Geotab has a stellar online reputation.
  • Con
    • Geotab isn't transparent about its pricing or contract structure on its website. While this isn't necessarily a con, if you're interested in partnering with Geotab, you'll have to go through the full sales process before you can understand what it will cost you. Again, while not a negative, it's something to keep in mind as you look for services. 

Ease of Use 

Geotab's MyGeotab software is a solid platform for small business owners. It offers a good map and great dashboards for tracking and analyzing your fleet. There are several screenshots of the MyGeotab software on the company's website. While there are other software solutions that are more intuitive and may be sleeker, Geotab is a company that provides a great platform for its users.

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The Verdict

Geotab provides small businesses with advanced telematics solutions. However, it lacks online transparency so you'll have to go through the sales process to get important details on the company's offering.

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
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