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Go Business Plans Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Based in Los Angeles, California, Go Business Plans writes business plans that serve a variety of business's needs, ranging from SBA loans and visa applications to plans seeking venture capital funding. Go Business Plans rated well in terms of the quality of its business plans and its comprehensive feature set, which is why we awarded it our Business.com Gold Award.

A portion of our review process entailed looking at the sample business plans provided by each service and comparing them against a checklist of best practices. Go Business Plans rated very well, receiving a business plan quality score of 95 percent. The means that you can expect its plan to contain a thorough market and industry analysis, a complete set of financial forecasts, marketing plans as well as a competitive analysis. Go Business Plans earned one of the highest scores in our review for its plan quality.

Go Business Plans
Go Business Plans
Best Business Plan Software
The Verdict
Go Business Plan has high-quality plans available at a cost that's average for the industry.
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Go Business Plans' marketing research is thorough. In addition to doing its own primary research, which can include surveys, focus groups and interviews, this service has 16 research databases at its disposal, which is more than any other company in our review. Databases it uses include Ibis World, Lexis Nexis, Hoovers, Mintel, Statista, Freedonia, Frost & Sullivan, Forrester, First Research, Spyfu, Domain Tally and Owler. The depth of research performed by Go Business Plans can give you some confidence in the business plan written by this company, as you can be sure its representatives have a good handle on your industry's market as well as your competition.

This company can help with design as well as writing your marketing plan. The design assistance might include help with logos, graphs or other creative content your plan might require. This company can also work with rush jobs, depending on availability. Go Business Plans can also print off your plan, though this costs extra.

If you'd like to review the type of work Go Business Plans creates, you can peruse sample business plans on its website. This gives you an idea of what to expect from working with this service.

When you engage Go Business Plans, you'll start with an hour to hour-and-a-half-long meeting to explain your business or product idea to its writers. Follow-up meetings are scheduled depending on what additional information is needed. Once a draft is complete, there is a one-hour telephone call to review the draft with the writers. Go Business Plans provides a three-week review window. You can expect to get those revisions back within one to two business days, which is faster than the industry average.

The typical turnaround time for a business plan is around two weeks. This timeframe can fluctuate depending on what you need the plan for and how complex it is. If you need it quickly, it's possible to get one in as few as three to five days depending on the business plan writer's available bandwidth. Several of these turnaround times – especially for plan reviews and revision turn arounds – are faster than the industry average.

Along with turnaround times, costs vary depending on the specifics of your plan. For example, a brick-and-mortar business seeking an SBA loan can usually expect to pay around $1,500, which is average for those types of plans. Startups looking to raise capital can expect to pay more.

Besides writing business plans, Go Business Plans offers additional consulting services. One such offering is a longer-term strategic engagement service that lasts from four to six weeks. This service is intended to help businesses grow over time. You can also take advantage of management consulting services, which are meant to improve your business and can include onsite meetings.

Go Business Plans can also match some clients with potential investors. While this service does not guarantee an investment, it could help open doors to new opportunities for people to consider investing in your company.

It does not offer a separate service to review existing business plans, instead reserving that for clients that already use or have agreed to use its other services. This means that while you can't have Go Business Plans review your current plan without signing up for another service, if you take advantage of any other offering available from this company, you can have your business plan reviewed for an extra cost. Depending on your business plan, this can cost between $150 and $300.

Go Business Plans offers a mix of quality business plans at industry-average costs and average turnaround times. Go Business Plans offers more research databases than any other company in our review. In addition, it offers a wide range of supplementary consulting services that can further help your business succeed. These features, plus its excellent quality of service and work, make Go Business Plans a good choice for business plan services.

Go Business Plans
Go Business Plans
Best Business Plan Software
The Verdict
Go Business Plan has high-quality plans available at a cost that's average for the industry.
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