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Go Fish Digital Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Go Fish Digital handles online reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) to help you show your company's best on the internet. It works to repair a bad reputation by suppressing negative reviews while generating new ones. It also strives to enhance your internet reputation by creating new content and promoting it, and by getting your message out to online news and other sources. Its emphasis on client training can go beyond the monthly call. Go Fish creates training videos and certification programs in order to help you get your own team up to speed. 

Although Go Fish took three days to get us a proposal, it lacked an analysis of our test company, and we got the impression the company didn't look too closely at all our test business' assets. For example, it mentioned building social media sites on Facebook and Google Plus without acknowledging that our company already has accounts there. Nonetheless, we were overall pleased with the scope and detail of the proposal itself.

Go Fish Digital
Go Fish Digital
Online Reputation Management
The Verdict
Go Fish is one of the best online reputation management services because of its comprehensive approach. Its strong training program can help companies take over their own reputation management as well.
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Of particular interest was its plan to handle Yelp reviews. Our test business has multiple negative reviews, and many of the other online reputation management companies we reviewed told us that there was little we could do about them but push Yelp off the front page. Go Fish, however, had a three-prong plan of attack that included alerting Yelp to one-star reviews that failed to meet guidelines, signaling Yelp of positive reviews that are being filtered out to get them displayed, and encouraging customers to post positive reviews. Further, Go Fish would train our company's employees on the use of Yelp so that they can take on this task themselves in the future.

The company's social media approach differed from that of many other internet reputation companies as well. While recognizing the importance of the major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it nonetheless said it would do research to see which sites are most relevant to our test company's industry, and seek to build or enhance its presence on those networks. This approach helps you have the right presence to reach your target audience and keeps you from putting a lot of effort into a blog or Web 2.0 site that does not improve your influence.

This service lists some of its bigger clients, but does not divulge details nor give out case studies. We looked at Go Fish Digital itself to see how well it followed its own practices. While it ranked below average of the top ten sites we reviewed as far as SEO, it nonetheless was the only one who had no negative reviews on its first page nor a Google autosuggest that included the keyword "complaints." The website itself is clean and modern and included videos.

This company does both reputation repair and reputation enhancement. It helps you respond to negative reviews by discovering which are in violation of the complaint site's terms of service. In addition, it builds new sites and materials. It's one of the few companies that mentioned specific URLs that play into often-searched terms. Having a domain name like "companynamereviews.com," for example, gives the site an automatic advantage for someone who searches for "company name" and "reviews." Often, we had internet reputation companies suggest a blog or page that was targeted to the keywords, but didn't suggest purchasing the domain name.

The company has a large focus on training, with experience training public relations firms and in-house marketers. Go Fish can create a specific training program to meet your needs. This includes reputation management knowledge, using monitoring software and tracking key performance indicators. It creates in-person or online programs, which can include training videos and certification quizzes. This is the only service we reviewed that took such a precise and comprehensive focus on training. It's an advantage for companies that may have their own reputation management team or want to develop one.

Go Fish uses a combination of manual searches and a multitude of commercially available social media monitoring and SEO tools to track your sites' standings and your company's presence. This thorough search helps ensure that if someone says something about your company – good or bad – you will know about it quickly so you can respond. It also has a proprietary tool that snaps shots of the first five pages on Google results for keywords concerning your business. This lets it track trends. Most companies only concern themselves with the first one to three pages of a search, as most people do not look past page three.

This company does press releases and full-blown articles, infographics and other content that it distributes to industry-specific leads. It has at times recruited a news source via Twitter in order to promote an article about a client's business.

This company says it has "proprietary use-case information" concerning click-through rates and employs a network capable of increasing website standing using click-through. Fewer than half of the online reputation management companies we reviewed use click-rate manipulation to promote sites. This artificially drives up that site's search engine ranking. It's a gray area, and while it can have a short-term benefit, done wrong, it can hurt your standing. Go Fish does not use this method in isolation, but as part of an overall strategy.

This company is not a Google Partner. Google Partners are certified by Google to follow best practices. Only a few of the companies on our lineup have this certification.

Go Fish Digital provides a comprehensive and thorough online reputation management service that looks at removing negative reviews, suppressing negative sites on searches and creating and promoting positive internet copy to enhance your reputation. Its focus on training is stronger than any other company we reviewed. While it lacked a few features found by our higher-ranked services, it's still one of the best choices for online reputation management.

Go Fish Digital
Go Fish Digital
Online Reputation Management
The Verdict
Go Fish is one of the best online reputation management services because of its comprehensive approach. Its strong training program can help companies take over their own reputation management as well.
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Business.com Editorial Staff
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