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GoDaddy Business Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

GoDaddy doubles as both a website builder and a website design service. The company provides website design software for businesses and individuals to build their own websites, as well as a full-service option for those who want GoDaddy professionals to build their website for them. GoDaddy's platform is extremely affordable – even the most basic plans come complete with mobile-friendly websites, guidance and analytics, social media and email marketing. More advanced plans have additional features like online appointments and comprehensive e-commerce capabilities. 

GoDaddy Business

GoDaddy Business

The Verdict

GoDaddy is an adequate website design software solution for small businesses. There's also a full-service option for GoDaddy's web designers to create your website from scratch.

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GoDaddy Pricing and Plans

You can try any of GoDaddy's software plans free for one month. After the trial expires, users can keep their account by choosing a plan and adding their credit card information. Users can cancel their GoDaddy plan at any time. 

Basic Plan

  • Cost: $10 per month billed annually

  • Includes: Secure websites with Secure Sockets Layer protection, mobile-friendly sites and editing, 24/7 support, free business email address and phone number for one year, PayPal button, GoDaddy Insight and action plans, Insight score, one social media listing platform, five social posts and responses per month, 100 email marketing sends per month, and online appointments

  • Best for: Entrepreneurs and startups needing a very basic web presence 

Standard Plan

  • Cost: $15 per month billed annually

  • Includes: Everything in the Basic plan plus search engine optimization, three social media listing platforms, 20 social posts and responses per month, and 500 email marketing sends per month

  • Best for: Small businesses needing a basic web presence with moderate social media and email marketing integrated 

Premium Plan

  • Cost: $20 per month billed annually

  • Includes: Everything in the Standard plan plus unlimited social media listing platforms; unlimited social posts and responses; 25,000 email marketing sends per month; free ad credits for Google, Bing, and Yelp; the ability to offer one-time group events; the ability for visitors to book recurring group events and classes; SMS alerts for new appointments; email and text appointment reminders; and the ability for your site to accept payments online for services

  • Best for: Small businesses needing a fully functioning website with comprehensive social media, email marketing and online appointment capabilities 

E-Commerce Plan

  • Cost: $25 per month billed annually

  • Includes: Everything in the Premium plan plus e-commerce capabilities like the ability to edit product listings; flexible shipping options; product sales through an online store; discounts and promotions; marketplace sales on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy; and order and inventory synchronization across channels

  • Best for: Businesses needing a website with comprehensive marketing and e-commerce capabilities 

Custom Website Design

For businesses that want a professional to build their website, GoDaddy offers full-service plans for both websites and e-commerce stores. Plans are built using WordPress; the cost is a one-time build fee, which can range from $799.99 to $3,000, depending on how minimal or comprehensive you need your site to be. In addition to the one-time build fee, you have to pay an annual hosting fee. Your website domain and Microsoft Office 365 email are free for the first year. You can take advantage of a free consultation to discuss your website goals and design. The average turnaround time for GoDaddy's mobile-responsive, customized websites is four to six weeks.

GoDaddy Features

GoDaddy web design software is sufficient for most personal or small business needs. It has a large number of free images and templates to help you create a unique, professional website. Here's more about the features we liked about GoDaddy. 

  • Templates and customization: GoDaddy has several responsive templates you can use to create a site that matches your purpose and style. The templates are organized into industry categories (e.g., fashion and beauty, home services, real estate, travel, etc.). You can modify any template, inserting your own images or using images from GoDaddy's gallery. The editor function allows you to add text and multimedia, including video, audio, image galleries, social links, blogs and more.

  • Web hosting and domain names: GoDaddy customers have access to custom domains and managed web hosting. Users can acquire a business email address and phone number, which is included with your plan free of charge for the first year. Businesses using GoDaddy's professional website design service pay a $19.99 per month hosting fee.

  • Analytics: Every GoDaddy website builder plan comes with guidance and analytics features. GoDaddy has proprietary analytics, like GoDaddy Insight and Insight scores, to help users identify traffic metrics and website strengths and weaknesses. You can also connect Google Analytics to track your site.

  • Mobile responsiveness: Every GoDaddy website plan is responsive to mobile devices, which means it can be easily adapted and modified to fit each user's device.

  • E-commerce: Each GoDaddy plan lets your website contain a PayPal button, but only the E-Commerce Plan has comprehensive online store capabilities. With this plan, you can add and edit products; set up flexible shipping; sell products directly through an online store; manage discounts and promotions; sell on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy; and sync inventory and orders across channels.

  • Additional features: Only the Premium and E-Commerce plans come with advertising credits to help you promote your site, but you can always improve your site's reach by incorporating the social media functions GoDaddy's plans offer and taking advantage of the metatags that let you incorporate SEO keywords and phrases to attract visitors to your website. 

Pros of GoDaddy

The versatility and comprehensiveness of GoDaddy is a great benefit. Users can decide whether they want to build their own website or have GoDaddy build it for them. Prices are listed online, and they are affordable enough for most small business budgets. Although you would have to buy the most advanced plan (the E-Commerce Plan) to have comprehensive e-commerce features, the pricing is on a par with similar plans offered by competitors. 

Another benefit of GoDaddy is that their plans offer social media and email marketing perks; many web design software companies don't offer these features. For example, every paid plan has access to social media platforms and social posts, as well as email marketing. Premium and E-Commerce plans provide free ad credits for Google, Bing, and Yelp. 

Cons of GoDaddy

Although GoDaddy is relatively easy to use, it is less intuitive than other website design software platforms we tested. The templates are easy to select, but GoDaddy is better suited for individuals with a little web design experience. It allows for custom coding as well, which is especially beneficial for skilled users. New beginners can use the web builder platform to create a basic and appealing website, but if you don't have a lot of design and coding experience and you want a complex website, you may be better off using GoDaddy's website design service. 

Customer Support

GoDaddy has a knowledgebase that can be browsed by product or topic. Users can also access GoDaddy's how-to guides, community forums and blog.  Representatives are available 24/7 via phone or live chat.

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GoDaddy Business

GoDaddy Business

The Verdict

GoDaddy is an adequate website design software solution for small businesses. There's also a full-service option for GoDaddy's web designers to create your website from scratch.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley Staff
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