GoFundMe Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 3, 2018

GoFundMe is a fundraising site with a strong focus on individual campaigns. Anyone can start a fundraiser for any reason. Although GoFundMe most often works with individuals, nonprofit organizations can also utilize this service.

This fundraising website allows you to create your own personalized campaign page, where you can customize your fundraiser with your own photos and unlimited updates. You will automatically be notified of updates and donations given to your cause, and you can customize thank you notes to send to your donors. Your fundraiser and all of your updates are easy to share on social media and easy for your supporters to share with their networks.

GoFundMe is free to start, but it does withdraw a 5% fee plus a credit card processing fee from each donation. You do not have to meet a goal or deadline in order to access your funds. You can withdraw money from your fundraiser at any time without it affecting the progress of your goal. Most withdrawals take between five to seven business days to process. You can elect an all-or-nothing campaign option if you feel it would be a better fit for your fundraiser. An all-or-nothing campaign has goal and deadline requirements that must be met before your sponsors are charged. You will only have access to your funds at the end of your fundraising campaign, assuming your requirements are met.

GoFundMe's online fundraising experience is optimized for mobile users. The website is easy to view and navigate on mobile devices. It also has an app available for free download. The app allows you to check your fundraiser's progress, post updates, share with social media and donate to other causes.

GoFundMe offers solid customer support to its users. It has a five-minute support guarantee, which promises that your questions will be answered within five minutes of your email being sent to customer support. GoFundMe might also help you get media coverage for your campaign. After you reach out to your local media and your fundraiser gains popularity, GoFundMe might contact you and offer assistance for further media exposure.

GoFundMe offers personalization features, social media integration, competitive fees and good customer support. This is a strong option for a fundraising service, especially for individual campaigns.

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