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goMobi Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 15, 2017

In the world of mobile-website builders, goMobi offers excellent tools to create a mobile website that generates interest in your business. This practical mobile-website builder has all the right features to help you create a simple and attractive mobile website. 

This service includes impressive tutorials in the user dashboard. Most competitors only have a basic setup wizard and leave an option for you to email them with questions. One of the tabs of the dashboard is dedicated to help. From here, you can choose what exactly you're struggling with and watch videos or read in-depth FAQs explaining how to manage and troubleshoot your mobile site. The support section is one of the best we saw.

Best Website Builder and Design Software
The Verdict
This mobile-site builder has a simple and effective approach that can add value to your mobile website.
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This service does fall short in terms of being able to reach support staff. The company provides an email contact form, but you need to close your site-creation screen to access the Contact Us page. Even then, this page is not specifically made for current customer issues. The company does not provide help by phone or live chat either.

One design option with goMobi is to automatically build your mobile site based on your business's URL. This option does not offer the same expansiveness as building your site from scratch using templates, but it matches your mobile site to the information provided in your traditional URL. This is a great option if you don't have the time to drag and drop widgets and otherwise create your mobile site from scratch. The transition between the two is impressively effortless. From this point, all you have to do is change the placement of tabs or the color if you feel inclined.

Creating a site from scratch is also easy with this software. Each widget is listed on the left and becomes a drop-down menu. From there, you can use the tools to change the template, add an image carousel and update your site footer, among several other options. Adding your custom logo to a new site is a standard tool, but goMobi also allows you to add a custom bookmark icon. This service turns owning and creating your own site into something you can be proud of.

After you’ve gone through the basic steps to make a mobile website, you have the option to add extra features. The features available with this specific mobile-web creator rank in the top tier if you're looking to add mobile commerce (mCommerce) and calendar-synced events to your mobile page.

Some of the most basic features include highly important plugins and options. You can customize logos and images to reflect your branding and creative license. This includes the display of a logo at the top of the page as part of your mobile-website design. Also, there are About Us and Contact Us section templates. The contact section is set up so that a customer can make a phone call or map an address with a simple click. This is just a small example of how mobile-website design can help attract business and build clientele.

The biggest strength of this mobile website builder is its selection of 40 site templates to get you started. Only one other service we reviewed has that large of a quality theme selection. Each of these templates is completely customizable. You can load your site with features, or you can create a straightforward site to promote your business. The templates are geared toward different tasks, such as providing contact information, image galleries and product information.

Another thing to keep in mind when you build a mobile website is that consumers are using hundreds of different devices with varying screen sizes and operating systems. This service has you covered, supporting iOS, Windows, BlackBerry and Android devices. In fact, goMobi's program allows you to scroll through each major device to preview how your mobile-website design looks on each. This feature is far more intuitive than the basic either/or iPhone and Android device side-by-side. This mobile-website builder uses HTML5 to foster this compatibility.

An important feature of mobile-website builders is social media integration. Standard social integration allows you to add Facebook and Twitter buttons. In addition to this, goMobi tracks your social media popularity. This builder can help you create social media traffic, including adding followers and increasing your social media presence. It does this by funneling traffic from your site to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social pages. It’s a small feature that doesn’t take up much real estate on your page but can help make great returns.

The goMobi mobile-website builder offers much more than the basic features. Some of the advanced options really stand out. For example, if you operate a restaurant, a customized template includes a menu option. This is a unique feature and allows you to manually type in each menu item. This can be a lifesaver if you’ve never scanned in a menu, and the result looks far better than a basic pdf. Also, this mobile site builder has an integrated option for Google Analytics to help monitor traffic. The advanced features help make this an outstanding mobile-website builder.

The goMobi mobile-website builder has all the basic features you need to launch a mobile site for a small business. With social media integration and contact features, all the basic options are available. The advanced options, such as customizable templates and Google Analytics reports, set this mobile-website builder apart from the competition.

Best Website Builder and Design Software
The Verdict
This mobile-site builder has a simple and effective approach that can add value to your mobile website.
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