By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017 is a credit card processor that operates out of Royse City, Texas. It offers both tiered rates and interchange-plus pricing. It approves most of the applications it receives, even those with bad credit, unless you have declared bankruptcy.

This credit card processor offers both tiered rates and the industry-preferred interchange-plus rates. We value companies that offer their merchants both options, since different businesses may benefit from the different plans. The tiered rate has a qualified debit card rate of 0.69% and a qualified credit card rate of 1.69% with a $0.20 transaction fee. The qualified debit card rate is good, as is its debit and PIN rate, which is the interchange rate plus $0.20. This processor may be a good option for businesses that do a lot of debit card transactions, such as restaurants.'s interchange-plus rate was among the highest in our review, with a markup of 0.50% and a per transaction cost of 0.10%.
Credit Card Processing
The Verdict offers good tiered rates, but its interchange-plus pricing is among the highest in our review.
Compare Quotes charges a regular monthly fee of $10, which is close to the average of $12 we saw. The PCI-compliance fee may be up to $89, which is lower than average, depending on which bank it sets up your account with. quoted our testers the highest monthly minimum requirement of any processor we reviewed at $50, although the website says $25, so this amount may depend on your business's processing volume. Be aware that the monthly minimum comes from processing costs only, not the total transaction cost.

This processor rated well on our transparency score, earning an 89% because it posts its rates and fees on its website and provided consistent information to our testers. received a lower score for ease of application, mainly because it requires you to give 90-day notice if you wish to terminate your service. can set your account up in one to two days, which is in line with industry averages; however, it may take up to three days to clear the account and deposit your funds into your business bank account, which is longer than most processors we reviewed.

While the reps our testers spoke to from were helpful and answered our questions, they didn't volunteer any information that would educate a merchant about credit card processing like many of the other reps we spoke with took the time to do. We filled out the online contact form but didn't get a reply, so contacting directly by phone is your best option in contacting this company. doesn't offer a dedicated account rep and recommends calling the main customer service line. The company doesn't offer live chat on its website. offers a decent tiered rate, especially on qualified debit cards and debit and PIN transactions. However, its interchange-plus pricing is among the most expensive in our review and it has a higher monthly minimum requirement than any other processor in our review.
Credit Card Processing
The Verdict offers good tiered rates, but its interchange-plus pricing is among the highest in our review.
Compare Quotes
Ready to choose your Credit Card Processing? Here's a breakdown of our complete coverage: Editorial Staff

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