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GoToMyPC Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
Staff writer Staff
Updated Mar 04, 2019

Developed by LogMeIn Inc., GoToMyPC is easy-to-install remote PC access software that hosts a variety of tools for telecommuting and collaboration. It incorporates strong security measures that you can modify to fit your needs. GoToMyPC customer support includes a comprehensive resource section that divides product information into useful brackets. The software works for PC, Mac and mobile devices, so you can access your remote desktop no matter where you are. Between the usability and high performance, GoToMyPC Pro is a good option for telecommuters, IT technicians or even personal use.

GoToMyPC Review


The Verdict

GoToMyPC is user-friendly remote PC access software that the company supplements with strong tech support and a variety of troubleshooting resources.

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GoToMyPC Pricing and Software Plans

GoToMyPC hosts a few different plans to fit your business’s remote PC access needs. Whether you are looking for a basic, single-user plan or something to cover a large corporate team, GoToMyPC has a plan for you. The cost structure of each plan is a monthly fee based on what features you want and how many users and computers you need to access. For a large corporate plan, you must request a quote online to fit your specific business needs. Here are some details about the pricing and features for GoToMyPC plans:

  • Personal plan: This plan is designed for personal use and allows access for one user and one or more computers. It costs $35 per month if billed annually or $44 per month if billed monthly. Each additional computer is another $35 or $44 per month. You can customize this plan to allow access of up to 20 computers. It allows basic remote sharing capabilities such as file transfer, remote printing and mobile access.
  • Pro plan: This plan is ideal for small teams that need admin access for multiple users. It costs $33 per month if billed annually or $41.50 per month if billed monthly. This cost allows multiple users access to a minimum of two computers. Each additional computer is another $33 or $41.50 per month. You can customize this plan to allow access of up to 50 computers. In addition to all the Personal plan features, the Pro plan offers user switching, comprehensive reporting and central billing.
  • Corporate plan: As the largest plan available, the Corporate plan is ideal for teams that need invoiced billing and more admin control. Costs start at $140 per month for a minimum of 10 users. For an exact quote, you must inquire online. In addition to the Personal and Pro plan features, the Corporate plan offers wake-on-LAN, group feature management and more than one administrator.

GoToMyPC offers a seven-day free trial. This lets you try out all of the features available and decide how to fit the plan to your needs.


GoToMyPC offers several different services and features for remote PC access, including the following:

  • Easy installation: It’s easy to install the software onto the computer you want to control. After installation, you can create a shortcut to your host computer and put it on your remote desktop. Alternatively, you can establish a website shortcut. This simplifies inviting someone else to access your computer. No port information or IP addresses are required to reconfigure the firewall or bypass your security software.
  • Cross-platform access: This software is accessible across most operating systems and devices, including Windows PC, Mac, tablets and mobile devices. However, functions such as chat, remote printing, sound and shared access may vary by device.
  • Integration: On the Corporate plan, you can integrate GoToMyPC’s API tools into your existing infrastructure. These include the administrator API and the reporting API.
  • Security: GoToMyPC has exceptional security features that include strong passwords, data encryption during transfers, end-to-end authentication, lockouts, host screen blanking, IP filtering and 128-bit SSL session security.
  • File transfer: You can easily transfer files with the drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste feature.
  • Monitor control exchange: A standout feature of this software is that the option of dual sharing and control. This is a useful feature when you want to use GoToMyPC for collaborating rather than telecommuting.
  • Quick access: Remote access is available within seconds, since GoToMyPC offers desktop and web browser shortcuts.
  • Scalability: If your needs change, you can always add to or reduce the number of computers you have access to or change your plan.
  • Customer service and resources: The GoToMyPC website’s support section includes training videos, user guides, a searchable knowledgebase and articles. Chat support is available during standard Pacific Time business hours.

Pros and Cons of GoToMyPC


One of the biggest benefits of GoToMyPC is the API integration. Although it is only available on certain plans, there is the option to integrate internal tools such as the administrator API and the reporting API. These tools can save you money by integrating with your current infrastructure. They allow you to access features like account management, user authentication, account inventory and login reports.

Another great feature is the thorough keyboard mapping. This can be set up on most devices and allows you access to ready-made shortcut keys. You can use shortcuts on both desktops and web browsers. If you prefer to avoid tap commands, you can access the keyboard commands from the menu.

GoToMyPC is especially great for international usage. It offers 24/7 technical and customer support in over 25 countries, including the United States, Australia, France, Canada, Brazil and China. It also allows you to pay in various currencies.  


One downside to this software is the different levels of security on different plans. While each plan offers adequate security for safe access, features like IP filtering are only available on the Corporate plan. The software also only offers 128-bit encryption. This is the industry standard, but most competitors we reviewed use 256-bit encryption.

Similarly, many basic remote access features are only available on the Pro or Corporate plan. For example, you cannot access comprehensive reporting or switch between monitors on the Personal plan. On both the Personal and Pro plans, you do not have access to features like wake-on-LAN and multiple administrators.

The GoToMyPC website is also very minimal compared to its competitors. Specifically, important features are not listed on the Features page, making them difficult to find. The features it does list are very basic remote access capabilities that you would expect any remote access software to have.  

Ease of Use

GoToMyPC is easy to implement by simple installation. After you launch and install the application onto your host platform, you can configure a connection without restarting your device. You can then control access with your remote PC.

For easier continual use, you can create a connection shortcut on your website or desktop. This simplifies the connection process for you or anyone else you would like to have access. Not many of its competitors have this feature.

This software offers a minimal and clearly defined selection of plans, which simplifies the process of choosing the right one. If you have any issues choosing a plan or implementing the software, you can access helpful online resources like a FAQs page, training videos, user guides, a searchable knowledgebase and articles.

GoToMyPC Review


The Verdict

GoToMyPC is user-friendly remote PC access software that the company supplements with strong tech support and a variety of troubleshooting resources.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley Staff
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