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LogMeIn’s GoToWebinar provides a user-friendly and interactive webcasting service platform that enables you to present memorable web-based seminars to up to 2,000 people. Its solid features and usability make it a good choice if you are interested in webcam or slide-based webcasting.



The Verdict

GoToWebinar offers rich, interactive features for both presenters and attendees to use. It is worth considering for large-scale, webinar-style webcasts.

The webinar's interface differs from most webcasting platforms in that it has a free-floating control panel on your desktop screen instead of a full-screen webcast console. It takes some getting used to, but it offers more flexibility than the interfaces of similar products. You can move the application boxes at will on the screen and arrange different windows to see the other applications on your computer, like a Word file for lecture notes.

With this webinar software, you can have up to six webcams streaming at once for team presentations. In addition to webcam sharing, you can upload a video directly to the application. While most services allow you to stream YouTube, only a handful have the option of loading a video for sharing.

LogMeIn’s webcasting service has developed a highly interactive webcast platform. You and your attendees can post about the webcast on social media, something offered by most, but not all, webcasting services. In the webcast, you can offer handouts for attendees to download. What makes GoToWebinar stand out against other webcasting services we reviewed is that its interactive features are not limited to the live webcast. Viewers of recordings can access the same features. Even the Q&A works; the questions are sent to the presenter via email. You can also collect information from viewers through registration, polls and surveys, which extends the usefulness of the webcast. This service archives the interactive webcast for a year.

There are many ways to invite people to your webcast: with Outlook integration, through the service's program, via social media or during the webcast itself. You can personalize the invitation, the registration questions and the waiting room your invitees enter before the presentation begins.

GoToWebinar offers a variety of audio-participation options. You can communicate through VoIP or through an integrated toll-free audio service. In addition, you can moderate phone-ins and mute or remove attendees whether they join with a computer or telephone.

Your presenter can see questions before the audience does in order to answer publicly, privately or not at all.

You can integrate GoToWebinar with customer relationship management software, such as Salesforce, by programing it with the open Application Programming Interface. Although, the platform does not process payments for your webcasts.

LogMeIn has 24/7 phone and live chat support, which is a big plus. The technicians can also view your webcast from their end so that if you are having problems during a session, they can get in and diagnose the problem. You also can enroll in live training or use how-to videos to learn how to use the software.

GoToWebinar is worth considering if you want to reach large audiences with a webcam-based webcast. Its interactive features promote audience participation, and its social media interface makes it easy to publicize your event. While it lacks some monetization tools, it's nonetheless a strong webcasting service.



The Verdict

GoToWebinar offers rich, interactive features for both presenters and attendees to use. It is worth considering for large-scale, webinar-style webcasts. editorial staff editorial staff Member
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