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GPS Insight Review

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo

GPS Insight provides businesses with robust GPS fleet tracking and a customizable interface that's ideal for businesses of any size. GPS Insight offers both hardware and software solutions for light- and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as assets and other non-powered equipment. You can opt for plug-and-play devices or ones that require more advanced installation, depending on the plan your business needs. Its user dashboard is fully customizable, so you can control what you see at a glance and build in reporting and driver safety information right on the dashboard.

GPS Insight

GPS Insight

The Verdict

GPS Insight provides good fleet tracking services with a flexible interface that accommodates any fleet size. However, it requires a two- or three-year contract to use its services.

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While not featured as one of our best picks, GPS Insight is a good company with flexible services. Partnering with GPS Insight is a good option for businesses of all sizes, as it can track fleets ranging from a single vehicle to more than 500. The company has a good reputation online too. It scored an A+ with the Better Business Bureau and has earned solid ratings on both Facebook and Google. Many companies we reviewed either don't have a Better Business Bureau page or have questionable ratings with the company.

Price and Contract

If you sign up for GPS Insight's services, you'll likely be on the hook for a two- or three-year contract. The cost depends on your needs, and installation or setup fees or also vary. There is no vehicle minimum, however, so very small businesses can enroll in this service without worrying about having a certain number of vehicles. Very small businesses with small fleets should also expect to receive simple plug-and-play devices and a contract structure that reflects their needs as a business.

When we went undercover as a small business and live-chatted with GPS Insight sales representatives, it was clear that each agreement is tailored directly to a business's needs. If you're considering GPS Insight, it's worth it to chat with the company and get a feel for what your agreement will be like. The company also offers support over email and phone.

The GPS Insight software has a two-minute average refresh time. It can support all your compliance needs, including FMCSA, ELD, HoS and DVIR. The company also has a YouTube channel, so you can see what the software looks like without scheduling a demo. Some of these videos may not be fully up to date, so if you're interested in getting a full view of the software, it's worth setting up a demo with the company.

Features and Services

  • Hardware and installation: GPS Insight gives you the option of plug-and-play devices or advanced hardware. The OBD II port devices are self-install; for the more advanced hardware options, you can install them yourself or work with GPS Insight to get them set up. This flexibility is ideal for businesses that grow quickly and may want to switch devices later, showing GPS Insight can support a wide range of businesses.

  • Safety: GPS Insight offers safety features up to industry standards. It lets you set real-time alerts and manage reports on safe driving practices. You can also track fuel usage and consumption, allowing you to save money with smart fuel practices and optimized routes. Tracking maintenance visits and managing vehicle health through GPS Insight also means you'll always have a handle on the safety of your fleet. GPS Insight provides driver scorecards so you can track driver performance and better coach your fleet operators. With this software, you can gauge speeding, idling, unauthorized usage, and hours worked vs. hours claimed.

  • Fuel performance: GPS Insight provides a good look into the fuel efficiency of your fleet. Besides optimizing vehicle routes for fuel efficiency, you can use fuel cards to better monitor fuel consumption and regulate spending across your fleet. You can read more about GPS Insight's fuel card here.

  • Maintenance: GPS Insight provides customers with software for monitoring vehicle health and scheduling preventative maintenance. This allows you to get more out of your vehicles and prevent breakdowns. You can read more about maintenance here.

  • Alerts: GPS Insight offers flexible alerts and reports. You can elect to immediately view reports or schedule them, keeping you and your drivers regularly informed about your fleet. You can also set alerts for dangerous practices like speeding or harsh braking so you can enforce safe driving habits. You can read more about the alerts here.

  • Customer reviews: GPS Insight has one of the strongest profiles with the Better Business Bureau of any company we reviewed. It's been accredited since 2007 and has an A+ rating with the agency. It has good marks on other review sites as well. There was only one complaint on the company's BBB page at the time we updated this review.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro
    • GPS Insight has a flexible service plan that can meet the needs of both large and small fleets.
    • This company has a great online reputation.
  • Con
    • While this may not be a problem for your business, keep in mind that GPS Insight may not provide short-term or month-to-month contracts.

Ease of Use

The software's refresh time is two to three minutes, depending on what kind of plan you choose. This provides breadcrumb trails of your vehicle's location. When we spoke with sales representatives, it wasn't clear if GPS Insight offers traffic or weather overlay options in its map view. We did find out, however, that the company's GPS software is backed by Google Earth and Garmin. The other companies we looked at that have this kind of backing all offer traffic overlay, so chances are good that GPS Insight does too. You can also create geofences and optimize routes in GPS Insight, making it a full-service fleet tracker.

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GPS Insight

GPS Insight

The Verdict

GPS Insight provides good fleet tracking services with a flexible interface that accommodates any fleet size. However, it requires a two- or three-year contract to use its services.

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