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Greenway Intergy Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

Intergy, Greenway Health's integrated electronic medical records (EMR) system and practice management software, enables a high degree of customization. In Intergy, most tasks can be achieved through multiple methods, allowing users to decide precisely how they want to navigate the software and complete tasks. Users can also set up hot keys and macros that streamline operations and eliminate redundant work. Intergy's practice management module includes effective scheduling and billing tools, as well as a reporting suite that offers more than 500 different ways to review your medical practice's financial and clinical operations.

Greenway Intergy

Greenway Intergy

The Verdict

Greenway Health's practice management and electronic medical record system is highly flexible and adapts to any medical practice's workflow. It is our pick as the best flexible practice management solution.

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Intergy does not boast a flashy user interface. The software is comprehensive, so a slight learning curve should be expected. During the implementation and training period, your staff can attend live virtual training sessions, which are courses specifically tailored to their role within the medical practice. The training sessions, coupled with some practice and experience, should allow your staff to become proficient with Intergy's many shortcuts and time-saving features.

Ease of Use

At first, Intergy appears to be outdated. The interface significantly resembles Microsoft XP. However, the aging aesthetic belies a powerful application that can be leveraged in many different ways depending on your medical practice's specific needs.

At the top of the screen are a series of tabs – Patient, Scheduling, Tasks, Clinical, Referrals, Financial, Communications and Reports – that allow you to navigate through the major modules in Intergy. Under each tab are a series of icons that represent the various tools available in each module. The appearance of the user interface will vary depending on a user's role within the practice and their current permissions settings.

Intergy does not require a great deal of clicking to navigate to the tool you need or to accomplish most tasks. If you are ever confused or stuck, you can press the F1 key to pull up a help menu that includes videos and how-to guides with step-by-step instructions.

Pricing and Fees

Greenway Health offers Intergy only as an integrated EMR and practice management software solution. The quote we received included a base price of $799 per provider, per month. In addition to the EMR and practice management software, you receive analytics, a mobile application, and a HIPAA-compliant patient portal with a built-in secure messenger.

Greenway Health operates its own clearinghouse service. Rather than charging a fee based on each claim submitted, Greenway quoted us a $93 per provider, per month flat rate for the clearinghouse. The company also quoted us a $49 per provider, per month fee for e-prescribing and lab integrations.

Greenway Health does not charge implementation and training fees on top of the subscription price, which makes the total cost we were quoted rather competitive. Other software providers we evaluated charge between $1,000 and $5,000 for those services, so including the cost in the subscription price represents a big savings. However, if you want additional onsite training alongside the live virtual courses for your staff, you will likely have to pay an extra fee to Greenway Health.


Intergy offers the essential features we looked for in a compelling practice management application. Most features can be accessed in multiple ways, and most tools are available for custom configurations. Here's more about Intergy's key features.

Patient Registration

Patient registration is straightforward. A popup with a series of fields appears. Custom rules can be set to designate certain fields as required, such as information that must be captured for MIPS/MACRA attestation. Required fields must be included before registration can be completed. Intergy has a quick register feature if a patient doesn't have complete information; for instance, suppose they can't find their insurance card. The system flags that patient registration as incomplete. You can also use a patient's existing information to expedite registering their family members.

Once a patient is registered, you can access their info in the Patient Information tab. There, you can navigate virtually every aspect of a patient's clinical and financial data, depending on your permissions on the system. You can review, for instance, scheduling and past encounters, prescriptions, images, messages and clinical charts. All of these tabs are available without leaving the patient information window.


The appointment scheduling tool is a calendar that appears like a typical spreadsheet. Columns along the top of the calendar display the names of providers, locations of facilities or other information you can customize to include. The calendar works in tandem with custom rules that are preset and run in the background. These rules govern aspects like available appointment times and types of appointments that can be scheduled for certain providers. The calendar can be configured in several views, including multiple providers for one day, a weekly view for a single provider and a monthly view that shows how many appointments the practice has scheduled.

Under the Scheduling tab, there are several icons, which include features like patient registration, appointment check-in and billing tools. These features can also be accessed through the dropdown menu at the top of the window, but the icons make them more accessible when you are already within the scheduler. To set a new appointment, you have two options. The first is to click on an open time slot under the relevant provider. A pop-up box appears with a search bar and a list of existing patients to choose from.

You can also run an insurance eligibility check when setting an appointment. When scheduling a patient, you can select an appointment type, include additional notes and assign an exam room. The second option for scheduling an appointment involves using the advanced search feature. This feature is nice when scheduling people that have a particular preference with the day and time of their appointment. You fill in the fields with the days and times a patient is available, and the system will find the next available days and times that meet the criteria. You can then schedule them directly from the pop-up box.

Finally, Intergy's scheduling tool includes a waitlist feature. One nice aspect of the waitlist feature is that if a patient can only come in on a certain day of the week and/or time, whenever another patient with the corresponding day and time of the desired appointment cancels or reschedules, patients on the waitlist are automatically added to the calendar.


With Greenway Health's billing module, you can run patient insurance eligibility verification checks when an appointment is set or during patient check-in. Eligibility can also be run in batch form on all scheduled patients a few days before their appointments. The eligibility verification check provides the name of the payer, the patient's co-pay, deductible and the payer's obligation.

Once a patient has been seen by a provider, charges that are available to post are sent to the pending charges list. Selecting a particular patient pulls up a summary of available charges for that patient, along with provider comments. The tool prepopulates encounter and ICD-10 diagnosis codes. Billers can then format the claim properly and prepare it for submission. A complete ICD-10 coding library allows billers to edit the codes with a simple search.


Intergy provides more than 500 different real-time reports that can be run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel. There are 10 different reports specifically related to billing performance. These include billing activity and practice productivity over time and the ratio of claims paid.

The practice analytics tool, which is available in the standard package, adds 600 more reports to the total. These reports are more advanced. You can review data by the month, quarter or year, as well as switch to various visualizations like pie charts and bar graphs. Essentially every piece of data within Intergy is reportable. Reports can be set to automatically recur and are delivered directly to your inbox.

Implementation and Training

Implementation generally takes between 90 and 120 days. Upon signing up, you are assigned a dedicated project manager who coordinates with Greenway's implementation specialists and acts as an intermediary between you and the company.

The first step of the implementation process involves migrating data from a previous EMR or practice management system to Intergy.

Following data migration, the next step is staff training. Greenway offers access to its Virtual Interactive Academy (VIA) through which staff members can take specialized courses tailored to their role within the medical practice. Courses are led by a live instructor, and classes typically include people from multiple medical practices. Courses last, on average, about 90 minutes and cover all relevant aspects of the system for that staff member. For example, a medical biller would attend a session on how to leverage the patient registration and medical billing tools on the system, while providers would focus on the clinical features in the EMR module.

Following VIA training, your dedicated project manager works with your team to show you how your custom system works. This process is intended to help you integrate Intergy with your existing workflow and make any necessary adjustments before your go-live date. This process typically lasts one month. In the final three days before your go-live date, your project manager visits your practice's location to ensure the rollout goes smoothly.

Customer Service

Greenway Health offered us exceptional customer service with friendly, knowledgeable staff members who went the extra mile to show us the system. The live demonstration we were given was thorough and educational; we left the session feeling well acquainted with the software.

Customer service representatives consistently followed up with additional material to help us better understand the system. When we asked for a breakdown of pricing, we received a response within a few hours. At times, Greenway Health's representatives seemed eager to make a sale, but they were never pushy or rude. We explained that our hypothetical medical practice had not yet opened and we wouldn't be making a decision for a month or two, which representatives respected.

Customer support is available by phone, email or live chat. There is also a MyGreenway community login where you can access forums and additional materials to help you navigate any Greenway healthcare IT product.


Greenway Health's biggest limitation is its learning curve. There are many ways to achieve the same result within the system, which can be overwhelming to a new user. However, once you become familiar with Intergy, these shortcuts are huge timesavers that streamline entire departments' operations.

You must take the time to properly train your staff on the system, including the custom configurations you requested during implementation. Since standard implementation and training are included in the subscription price of Intergy, consider purchasing the additional on-site training if you have room in your budget. The more familiar your staff are with Intergy before your go-live date, the less disruptive the transition will be. The sooner you can reap the benefits of Intergy's many shortcuts and flexible architecture, the better.

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Greenway Intergy

Greenway Intergy

The Verdict

Greenway Health's practice management and electronic medical record system is highly flexible and adapts to any medical practice's workflow. It is our pick as the best flexible practice management solution.

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