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Hide My Ass Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

With a large network of VPN servers and a set of secure switching protocols, Hide My Ass offers high speeds and uninterrupted connections to browsers in almost every country. The company's enterprise VPN service is simple to log into, though it leans toward manual, rather than automatic, login procedures and requires you to choose servers from a list when starting a session. The company offers secure encryption for all traffic and various additional anonymizing tools for masking the source of links you post to third-party sites.

Hide My Ass is a user-authenticated enterprise VPN network that lets you connect from almost anywhere in the world with a simple username and password. On logging in, you are offered a choice of local servers for routing traffic, along with a legend indicating the current traffic load on each server. Though the sign-in process introduces an extra step, this feature lets you manually select the least loaded server for a faster connection and as little noticeable lag as possible.

All information sent over the Hide My Ass enterprise VPN solution is encrypted as a matter of course. In addition to standard encryption, the service offers several anonymizing tools, such as the IP anonymizer, which permits the untraceable posting of links to internet forums and message boards. This aspect of the service is oriented mainly toward private browsers, as opposed to corporate clients who are likely to maintain their own online message boards.

This VPN solution has built a huge global network of over 800 servers in 182 countries. Along with the company's nearly 114,000 unique IP addresses, this hardware network permits it to overcome many of the physical limitations of an enterprise VPN service and offer unusually fast connection speeds. Instead of imposing a slight lag in downloads and streaming content, the large selection of servers ensures a reasonably fast connection from virtually anywhere.

If your chief considerations in an enterprise VPN service are security, speed and access, Hide My Ass comes close to satisfying all three criteria. While the service can be somewhat cumbersome to log into, the large selection of servers helps balance load traffic across the network and ensure your connections are fast enough to stream live video content. The huge inventory of IP addresses effectively masks your locations and protects the privacy of online comments and transactions from marketing applications and phishing attacks.

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Business.com Editorial Staff
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