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HP DesignJet T1700 Review

Bennett Conlin
Bennett Conlin

Measuring up to 44 inches wide, the HP DesignJet T1700 handles complex files, produces vibrant prints and is the best wide-format printer for mapmakers. Mapmakers need large-format printers that deliver exact lines with accuracy and precision. This HP model does exactly that. It also is affordable, which is an additional benefit for a printer of its size and accuracy. Last but not least, the printer's added security features are impressive.

HP DesignJet T1700

HP DesignJet T1700

The Verdict

The printer earns our best pick for mapmakers, as it excels at producing detailed lines that are crucial for maps.


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Priced at $4,495, the HP DesignJet T1700 is affordable for its size and the quality of prints it produces. The price tag should be reasonable for most mapmakers, given the likelihood of frequent use. Other businesses will likely be better off finding less-expensive models, but mapmakers can't go wrong getting a quality printer for under $5,000.

For inks, the 300-ml replacement cartridges cost just over $150 per cartridge. The 150-ml replacement inks are just roughly $80 per cartridge. The printer uses six colors, two of which are different versions of black, so replacing every cartridge can cost between $480-900. Ink cartridges are the main expense for any type of printer, especially large format, so it's no surprise that you'll spend thousands of dollars on ink over time. Given the necessity of using a reliable wide-format printer, it's a cost that business must accept.

While ink costs add up, the overall price of both the ink and the machine itself are fair. Given the size and complexity of producing maps, there's going to be thousands of dollars poured into the printer on a regular basis. For the HP DesignJet T1700, the expenses are worth the result.

Product Specs

The printer is 70 x 27.4 x 39.3 inches and weighs 159 pounds if you use the single-roll version and 163 pounds if you use the double-roll version. Given its dimensions, the T1700's weight is light. That's due mostly to the printer's design, which is long and narrow, and doesn't have much mass.

The HP DesignJet T1700 holds 128GB of memory and includes an additional 500GB self-encrypted hard disk. The ability to handle large complex files differentiates this printer from many of its peers. It handles massive files comprising complex map designs and prints them efficiently without any complications. This is important for mapmakers.

Three universal printheads each have two colors. The resolution on this printer is fantastic, resulting in a 2400 x 1200 dpi mark. High-quality resolution is a must for detailed maps produced in large sizes. Customers want to see the tiny details, which makes resolution important for mapmakers.

Printing speeds for the T1700 are 26 seconds per page on A1/D. That adds up to 116 prints per hour. Line accuracy, another important measure, sits at an astounding +/- .00000001%. The printer's accuracy, speed and detail are key selling points. Those key areas make the printer ideal for mapmakers and any other prints using detailed lines, including renderings or presentations.

The T1700 offers a few different ways you can send print jobs to the printer. There's an HP driver for both Windows and Mac operating systems as well as a direct printing option from a USB flash drive, email printing, the HP Smart app and more. The added versatility of printing multiple ways isn't rare in the large-format printing industry, but it's good to have options.


Security features for the T1700 are among the best in the industry. The HP site lists roughly 10 different security features for the printer, including HP Secure Boot and PIN printing. The security features allow the user to feel confident that none of the data will be taken or compromised. If you have employees who shouldn't use the printer, the security features, like PIN printing, allow you to limit who does and doesn't use the printer.

HP Mobile Printing allows you to print maps or designs from your phone, an added convenience for some business owners.

Eye-popping colors and the ability to create incredibly detailed lines are two other features that separate the T1700 from its peers. For mapmakers and designers, it's critical that colors jump off the page and that small lines are precise. Given its incredibly minor margin for error and color scheme, the T1700 gives mapmakers exactly what they need in a printer.

HP mentions accurate line drawing multiple times on its website, as this printer is designed with technical drawings and renderings in mind. HP also says it is an ideal printer for AEC, GIS and MCAD professionals. With the added security features and line-drawing ability, the T1700 is a leading wide-format printer for mapmakers.

The ability to draw such precise lines is the best feature of this printer. Imagine printing a large state map that includes all the roads, rivers and landmarks of that state. If the printer doesn't produce extremely precise lines, the map won't appease customers. If a customer orders a map, they want it to be exact. Mapmakers won't have to worry about precise lines and details when using the HP DesignJet T1700. The same can't always be said for other large-format printers.

Producing detailed maps and line drawings from complex files is crucial. Even with large, complex file sizes, the HP DesignJet T1700 delivers accurate and aesthetically pleasing prints.

Customer Support

HP offers a one-year limited warranty on the machine, which is standard across the large-format printing industry. For an additional cost of just over $500, users can purchase a three-year plan that allows for next-business-day onsite maintenance. Given the importance of this printer to the business operation of its users, this can be a worthwhile purchase. Even a few days without a functioning printer costs businesses money, so onsite maintenance is helpful.

There's also a five-year next-business-day onsite maintenance plan that costs $959. Depending on how you long you expect to keep the printer, the five-year option might make more sense than the three-year plan.

Additionally, HP offers a $699 installation and support package. Having an HP professional install the printer can reduce the time and stress spent on setup while ensuring the printer works properly from the beginning of its use.

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HP DesignJet T1700

HP DesignJet T1700

The Verdict

The printer earns our best pick for mapmakers, as it excels at producing detailed lines that are crucial for maps.

Bennett Conlin
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