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HubSpot Review

Matt D'Angelo
, writer
Oct 24, 2019
> Marketing

HubSpot is one of the most unique internet marketing companies. It provides DIY software platforms where you can build any kind of internet marketing offering from SEO services to email marketing. HubSpot is our pick as the best internet marketing service for very small businesses because it has every feature we expect in a digital marketing service at an affordable price.



The Best Internet Marketing and PPC Management Services of 2020

The Verdict

HubSpot is a good, inexpensive internet marketing service that we found to be the best for very small businesses, though its range of packages make it a an affordable solution for any size business.

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With intuitive features and solid customer support, HubSpot is one of the few companies we evaluated that can scale its service from a free software plan up to an enterprise-level software suite. Its free version and starter package are especially great options for a microbusiness. From social media marketing to email campaigns, HubSpot has every solution you could want in a digital marketing service. While it has extensive internet marketing features, it doesn't provide a pay-per-click (PPC) service like some of the other companies we reviewed in this category.

HubSpot is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, earning an A+ rating. However. it only scored a 1.5 out of 5 stars with customers, which was lower than some of the other companies we reviewed. HubSpot provides phone, live chat and email support to its customers. When we interacted with sales representatives via live chat, their responses were timely and informative.

HubSpot Pricing and Plans

HubSpot features all of its services, plans and prices on its website. This level of transparency is ideal for small business owners looking to get a quick view of what partnering with HubSpot would cost. HubSpot breaks its services into five main groups: HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub and Growth site.

Within each of these groups are four plans that range from free to enterprise level. While HubSpot has a range of services, we focused on the marketing hub for our review. There's a free plan, a starter plan that costs $50 per month, a professional plan for $800 per month and an enterprise plan that costs $3,200 per month. All of these plans have a variety of features like mobile optimization and reporting dashboards.

When we interacted with HubSpot's sales team via live chat, they mentioned that the length of the contract varies based on your business's needs.

HubSpot doesn't provide account managers for its free or starter packs, but users have access to its support system. Higher-tiered plans include more access to HubSpot resources and account managers to help build out services. Overall, HubSpot's transparency means that business owners can get an idea of the company's services without having to go through the sales process.


HubSpot provides small businesses with several valuable internet marketing services, including

  • SEOHubSpot's SEO tools include full analytics software, content strategy tools, landing page design, lead management tools and keyword strategy tools.

  • Email marketing: HubSpot provides A/B testing, personalized emails, email design and email analytics. You can view the company's full offering here.

  • Social media: HubSpot allows you to build campaigns; publish to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; monitor social mentions, and publish content at the right time to garner a higher engagement rate. There is also an analytics dashboard with social media reporting features.

  • Design: With HubSpot's software, you can design landing pages and customize different areas of your website. This is a feature of HubSpot's software – Hubspot does not provide a direct design service.

Pros and Cons

There is a lot to like about HubSpot. In particular, we were impressed with the range of plans the company offers. This gives all types of businesses the ability to use this service. In addition, it's one of the few companies we reviewed that provide designated experts to help you with your software or services. There are extensive manuals and troubleshooting options for figuring out how to build campaigns and see the best results. The DIY nature of this company's software offering makes it a great option for very small businesses looking to cash in on a usable tool without breaking the bank.

One negative was the poor customer reviews we saw on the Better Business Bureau website. Before signing up with HubSpot, make sure you read those reviews.

Customer Support

HubSpot provides customer support by phone, email and live chat. We posed as small business owners and interacted with HubSpot's sales team via live chat. The representatives were both informative and helpful about the overall service. While not every plan comes with a dedicated account manager, business owners can still work with HubSpot's support team through these routes.

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The Best Internet Marketing and PPC Management Services of 2020

The Verdict

HubSpot is a good, inexpensive internet marketing service that we found to be the best for very small businesses, though its range of packages make it a an affordable solution for any size business.

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo is a contributor covering small business for and Business News Daily. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in journalism, Matt gained experience as a copy editor and writer for newspapers and various online publications.