HubSpot Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: January 4, 2018

HubSpot's online marketing service is a comprehensive platform with especially strong offerings in search engine marketing and reporting. HubSpot has enterprise-level solutions, but several of its services are especially suitable for smaller businesses. HubSpot can be a good option for businesses without a large marketing team seeking an online marketing solution that offers a range of internet marketing tools.

One of HubSpot's many tools is its email marketing service. You can send out automated emails, including emails that respond to triggers, such as your customer clicking certain links in previous mail. You can also personalize emails with fields, such as the customer's name.

Another important aspect of this email-marketing tool is its ability to segment your contacts into lists, which can help ensure customers are receiving information particular to their specific interests. HubSpot lacks a spam filter, which helps ensure your emails reach customers' inboxes instead of their spam folders, even before you send the messages.

HubSpot allows you to post to your social media accounts and manage content through its platform. You can connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ with this service, which is important for communicating with your leads and keeping them engaged.

You can also take advantage of HubSpot's online marketing SEO services. It can audit your website so you see where you might improve your SEO to increase your rankings in search engine results, thereby connecting with more customers. HubSpot can also assist you with link building and pay per click advertising. Additionally, you can use HubSpot to help you design your website and build landing pages.

Being able to judge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is an important aspect of any sales plan. This online marketing company provides important reports and analytics. Reports include information on site traffic as well as interaction happening on your social media pages. You can track which customers open your emails and interact with them. HubSpot can also offer insight on your competitors' SEO and other data in its competitor-analysis reports.

HubSpot is a powerful internet marketing tool that can help you with email, social, and SEO marketing. It is an especially helpful choice for smaller businesses that need a powerful but easier-to-use marketing solution. Enterprise-level companies may find it useful as well.

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