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Humanity Review

By Andrew Martins, Writer | Updated Jan 09, 2020

If the point of technology is to make our lives easier, then why should you, as a small business owner, settle for employee scheduling software that is hard to use or understand? If you're looking for an intuitive and simple solution for your scheduling needs, Humanity's solutions are easy for managers and employees alike.



The Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2020

The Verdict

Thanks to its list of features, highly customizable tools and user-friendly interface, Humanity simplifies the employee scheduling process for businesses of all sizes.

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Humanity Pricing

Humanity, like every other employee scheduling software provider, charges a monthly rate for companies to access its functionality.

While most companies generally charge on a per-location basis, Humanity charges for each user. The former style of pricing is generally good for companies with a small number of locations, while the latter is good for companies that have multiple locations with different teams at each site. What you'll generally notice in a location-based solution is that the prices are much higher upfront, while per-user pricing models can be considered more akin to buying something in bulk.

With that in mind, you can pay for your subscription to Humanity monthly or as a singular lump sum payment for the entire year. If you pay monthly, you'll have more control over how long you use Humanity's service, while the yearly option helps reduce costs with the understanding that you won't be able to back out of your agreement as easily.

Humanity offers two regular service tiers and one enterprise-level service tier. The company offers a 30-day free trial of its Starter level service and 24/7/365 support online. (Phone support is available for all three tiers.) Here is a breakdown of each tier:

  • Starter: Companies with basic scheduling needs for their teams may be best served by this service tier. For $2 per user, per month, companies can access Humanity's cloud-based scheduling platform, a centralized administrative dashboard, employee-controlled shift-trading capabilities, employee-dictated availability and time-off management, mobile access, and SMS/email/in-app notifications. If you pay monthly, you will need to spend at least $80 per month. Annual payment plans have a $60 per month minimum.

  • Classic: The Classic tier is designed for midsize companies. For $4 per user, per month (or $3 per user, per month on the annual plan), you get everything in the Starter tier plus autofill scheduling, real-time labor cost and budgeting, labor law compliance checks, reporting and analytics tools, the ability to schedule employees based on their skills and certifications, an integrated online employee timeclock, GPS-enabled clock in and out, custom employee leave types, secure messaging, and payroll exports. Like the previous tier, there's an $80 per month minimum for the monthly plan and a $60 per month minimum with the annual plan.

  • Enterprise: While your small business will need some time to grow before it can fully utilize this service tier, Humanity's Enterprise option offers all the same features as the previous two tiers as well as demand-based scheduling that will forecast scheduling needs, the season or company KPIs, open API access, and human capital management integration. Since this tier is more customizable than the other two, there is no standard pricing model. Instead, you'll need to call the company for a quote.


From its drag-and-drop functionality to its highly accessible mobile application, we found Humanity's software easy to use. (We used the trial period, which only allows access to the Starter tier while the company's knowledgebase and YouTube videos on the software's functionality helped demonstrate the software's other features.)

The software includes many features to make scheduling easy, such as the setup wizard. Its mobile application lets you tend to scheduling issues on the fly. Humanity provides powerful scheduling capabilities, such as drag-and-drop functions and the ability to fill shifts based on employees' skill levels.

Employees will benefit from Humanity's scheduling software; they can swap shifts with co-workers and request time off online. Schedules are easily accessible on the smartphone app, so employees can keep tabs on when they're expected to come in for their shift. This work scheduler includes a GPS-enabled timeclock that you and your employees can use to easily track hours. Humanity integrates with many payroll software solutions, including ADP and QuickBooks.

The best scheduling software allows employees to set their availability, which prevents scheduling conflicts. Humanity's employee scheduler does this and offers employees the opportunity to swap shifts and bid on open shifts. Since employees can log in to the scheduling software anytime, they can submit time off requests without going to work to do it. Each request must be approved by a manager, so supervisors are always aware of what's happening with work schedules.

You can access Humanity through any computer with a connection to the internet, and you can download a free mobile application that lets you manage schedules anytime. You can also set up text and email alerts for individual employees to reduce tardiness.

Additional Considerations

In addition to Humanity's employee scheduling capabilities, the software features a robust reporting system that covers more than a dozen different reports, including attendance and labor costs. With the ability to look at minute data surrounding your employee scheduling efforts, you're able to properly adjust how you handle the schedule week to week.

While Humanity is our pick as the easiest solution to use, the company website features a comprehensive help section aimed at guiding new users through the process of setting up and using the software. For more intermediate users, the website has forums and FAQs. There are also video tutorials covering various aspects of the program.

If those options don't answer your questions, Humanity's customer service is available via live webchat 24/7 and by phone. During our interactions with their customer service, we found Humanity's staff to be well versed in the program and willing to walk us through our concerns. They were clear and concise in their answers, and easy to work with.


The most pressing issue for us is Humanity monthly minimum charge. While $2 to $4 per user is reasonable, a minimum of $60 or $80 for a small business is a little high. After speaking with a representative, however, we learned that Humanity offers a custom pricing plan if your company can't meet that monthly minimum payment.

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The Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2020

The Verdict

Thanks to its list of features, highly customizable tools and user-friendly interface, Humanity simplifies the employee scheduling process for businesses of all sizes.

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