iDrive Review

By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

IDrive refers to itself as a cloud backup and syncing solution, but it's also a good choice for simple cloud storage. This cloud service is viable for individuals and businesses, and it offers features not commonly found in other cloud services.

The files you keep on your computer are vulnerable to hard drive crashes and corruption from malware or hardware faults. You can keep your files safe by backing them up and storing them in the cloud using IDrive. Its free plan gives you 5GB of storage to start with, and its basic plan for personal use starts at 1TB. For business plans, you can get 250GB annually, and you can create multiple accounts for employees.

Whether you use a PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices, you can use IDrive to store and back up your files in the cloud. You can gain access to your files from IDrive apps for your mobile devices, and you can share files through these apps. Files are synced in real time, so you don't have to worry about data loss. Additionally, you can set up IDrive to sync your files at a specific time.

File sharing through IDrive is as easy as right-clicking and choosing the options to create a link and send via Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also set permissions to allow users accessing the files to only view them or to edit them if you wish.

IDrive offers archiving so that none of your data is lost to carelessness. You have to manually delete files or choose IDrive's archive cleanup tool to sync your computer's data to what's on your account. In addition to storing and backing up your photos from your computer, you can also back up your Facebook and Instagram photos.

The biggest differences between personal and business IDrive accounts is that you cannot create sub accounts for a personal account, and you don't get priority support. Business accounts also get MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint and Oracle server backup or Linux server backup, and your business gets assistance with backups.

Although IDrive considers itself a cloud backup service, it's also a viable option as cloud storage. This cloud service does it all and lets you share your secured files with a few quick clicks.

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