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iMonitor EAM Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

iMonitor EAM employee monitoring software is designed for businesses, but the application is also appropriate for government agencies and educational institutions. This employee-management program deploys with ease on both the server and monitored computers. It comes equipped with a server-based management console. Once the software is installed, the server automatically scans the entire network for computers with the installed client.

This employee-monitoring software runs in total stealth and secretly monitors employees. The software is not visible in the system tray, desktop, system processes or other areas of the computer. iMonitor has a small memory footprint and does not slow the monitored machine.

iMonitor EAM
iMonitor EAM
Employee Monitoring Software
The Verdict
iMonitor is a suitable option if you need to track employees' PC activity and if you require the ability to remotely control their computers.
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You can monitor and control multiple computer desktops from a single management console. The software can reveal, in real time, a worker's computer and online activities. Moreover, the collected data can be stored and saved for later viewing. The server stores the information in a centralized database.

The client software installed on the monitored computer uploads the collected data to the server at administrator-specified intervals. Should the information be required before the scheduled upload occurs, managers can perform an immediate synchronization and make the logs available for instant viewing.

iMonitor EAM has numerous online-surveillance features and is a good internet-usage monitor. The app takes real-time screenshots of an employee's desktop and records all keyboard strokes. Both of these features combine to give a clear picture of a worker's computer and online activity. iMonitor EAM saves the URL of the accessed website and records the title, date, time and duration of visit. Additionally, the app logs all online searches.

The leaking of confidential business information, trade secrets and intellectual property often occurs via an employee's email correspondence. iMonitor EAM records the contents of both sent and received email communications. Supported applications include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora and other popular email clients plus webmail, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN and others. iMonitor EAM captures the transcripts of both sides of instant messaging and chat conversations. Additional employee monitoring features include the recording of music transfers, software downloads, FTP and HTTP file transfers.

iMonitor EAM comes equipped with powerful remote-computer-management capabilities. The app's document-tracking features make this software stand out among the competition. You can track print jobs by printer, document name, computer name, username, pages printed and paper size. Moreover, this feature tracks document events, such as file opening, reading, writing, copying, renaming, transfers and deletions. The app further protects trade secrets and intellectual property by generating an alarm when a worker transfers a file to a removable disk or other external device. You can also block the use of these devices all together.

You can easily assist employees with limited computer skills. Remote-management capabilities include computer reboot, software inventory, hardware driver modification, keyboard and mouse control, computer reboot, instant messaging, and more. The employee-monitoring software can restrict an employee's ability to browse the internet. In addition, iMonitor EAM can filter and block local network resources, software, chat clients, instant messengers and application use. The only feature really lacking with this PC-monitoring software is the ability to track employee attendance.

This employee-monitoring software's remote-computer-control capabilities are superior and cause the app to stand out among its competition. The software is equipped with reliable surveillance tools that can help businesses determine if their employees are actually working or are simply wasting time.

iMonitor EAM
iMonitor EAM
Employee Monitoring Software
The Verdict
iMonitor is a suitable option if you need to track employees' PC activity and if you require the ability to remotely control their computers.
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