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Infinite Conferencing Review

Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski

Infinite Conferencing, an Onstream Media company, is a reliable conference call service that provides quality, user-friendly phone meetings. You can easily manage and attend conference calls from anywhere around the world. Infinite offers both reservationless and operated-assisted conferencing services, giving you the flexibility to host any type of call, small or large, planned or spontaneous. Both options include valuable features and tools, such as the ability to customize your own greeting and phone number.

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing

The Verdict

Infinite Conferencing offers quality call conferencing for small businesses. It has the features you need to host efficient conference calls and is priced competitively.


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Infinite Conferencing Pricing

Infinite Conferencing uses a pay-as-you-go pricing structure. Costs, for both its reservationless and operator-assisted services, are based on call length. Each service charges on a per-minute basis. 

  • Reservationless: For the reservationless system, the cost is 4 cents per minute, per caller. So, if you had a 30-minute meeting with 10 participants, the call would cost $12.

  • Operator-assisted: The operator-assisted service is 18 cents per minute, per caller. With this option, the same 30-minute call with 10 people would cost $54. 

The company offers volume discounts, flat-rate packages, enhanced services and international pricing. There are no other hidden fees. There are no contracts with Infinite Conferencing. You can cancel your service at any time; however, you must give 30 days' written notice. There is no free plan, though the company offers a 30-day free trial. 

Infinite Conferencing Features

Infinite Conferencing provides support for up to 5,000 participants, making it a flexible option for businesses of any size. You can present slides, share screens and documents, and Infinite Conferencing offers both phone and web conferencing services.

Infinite Conferencing integrates with several other applications, such as PowerPoint, Word, Microsoft Outlook, which makes collaboration easy and provides an efficient workflow.

Your information is kept safe and secure with 128-bit AES Encryption over SSL and password protection, and you can control who has access to which calls.

Infinite Conferencing Conference Calling Services 

Infinite Conferencing offers both reservationless and operated-assisted services. Reservationless audio conferencing allows you to make calls at any time; they can be scheduled in advance or held in an instant without prior notification. Operated-assisted audio calls are used by businesses for certain types of more formal calls, such as when a public company holds an investor meeting or a law firm needs meticulous records from a call. Below are more details about each type of service.

Reservationless Conference Calls 

Reservationless calls can be scheduled anytime and are available 24/7. With this type of call, you can start a meeting in five minutes or schedule it for 10 days from now. By default, Infinite's reservationless audio conferencing has a limit of 100 participants per call. However, if you need to host a call with more than 100 attendees, Infinite Conferencing will help you arrange it. 

Reservationless calls feature redundant bridges, which make it less likely that your calls will be dropped, and multiple network carriers help ensure a flawless call. 

After you sign up, you are provided with a dedicated dial-in number and PIN that can be used for all your calls. Once a meeting has started, you can control it online. From the online portal, the meeting host can see who is on the call, and they can mute all, or some, participants.  

In addition to the online controls, you can control the meeting from your phone's dial pad. For example, you can press *1 to hear a roll call of everyone in attendance, *5 to lock the call so no one else can join in, and *8 to record the call.  

Other reservationless features include a dial-out option that lets you add someone after a meeting has started. There are voting and polling options, and you can receive email summaries following each meeting to ensure there aren't unauthorized calls being made.  

Operator-Assisted Conference Calls 

Operator-assisted calls provide you with an event coordinator who ensures the meeting runs smoothly. The coordinator helps plan the call before the meeting, facilitates the call as it occurs, and provides you with summaries and recordings after it is completed. Operator-assisted conferencing can support up to 1,000 participants.  

Before the call, the event coordinator meets with the meeting host to determine the type of greeting for participants. Attendees are greeted by a live operator or by a branded greeting customized to promote your company. The event coordinator can also send a meeting reminder by phone, email or fax. They can also help you determine a restricted list if necessary. This allows you to admit only the participants on your list.  

During the call, the event coordinator coordinates the flow of the meeting by talking with the host over a discrete line. They can also manage any question and answer sessions.  After the call, the event coordinator provides a list of all the participants, a recording of the meeting and any translations you may need.  

Infinite Conferencing Pros

One of the advantages of Infinite Conferencing's reservationless service is its ease of use. Whether you're setting up a meeting for three people or 100, the process is simple and takes very little time. You can easily send invites to all your participants, along with all the information they need.  

Calls can be recorded at no extra charge. Your calls remain in your system until you record another meeting and overwrite it. After a call is recorded, you can make it available for on-demand listening by those who couldn't attend.  

Infinite Conferencing also provides post-conference reports that show how long your call lasted, who attended and how long they stayed.  

For businesses that conduct meetings with international participants, the service features global conferencing access from more than 50 countries. This includes both international toll-free numbers and direct-dial international access numbers.  

The service also has a mobile app that allows hosts and participants to join and manage any conference call via the app from any iPhone and Android mobile devices.  

In addition to its conference calling, Infinite Conferencing offers web conferencing services, allowing clients to host web meetings with a visual presence. This option supports up to 1,000 participants and features content sharing, Q&A sessions, chats, social sharing and instant polling. These meetings can be recorded and edited for on-demand viewing or download. Additionally, webinar and webcasting services are available. 

Infinite Conferencing Cons

The biggest downside to Infinite Conferencing is the 100-person limit. While you can increase that number, you have to contact the company to do so. Other services had much higher participant limits. 

Another minor negative is that Infinite Conferencing doesn't offer a "call-you" option. With this feature, the service would automatically call participants when the meeting is ready to start. This removes the burden from participants of having to remember the dial-in number and access code. 

Customer Support 

Infinite Conferencing offers live technical support during the company's business hours, which are between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (ET). They also provide customer service over the weekend, except during the national holidays in the U.S. 

The company's website contains a lot of resources to help you, including FAQs that provide answers to the most common questions.  

Infinite Conferencing is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. There have not been any complaints filed against the company in the past three years.



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Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing

The Verdict

Infinite Conferencing offers quality call conferencing for small businesses. It has the features you need to host efficient conference calls and is priced competitively.

Kiely Kuligowski
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