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InfoUSA Review

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins

Every list broker works to get their data from trusted sources, and if your small business wants to tap into that same vein of business and consumer lists, you can with InfoUSA. Considered one of the top list compilers in the industry, InfoUSA offers several list services that can boost any small business's marketing efforts, albeit with a higher price tag than most.



The Verdict

InfoUSA is an excellent choice for businesses looking to cut out the middle man and get their information straight from the source.

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InfoUSA Pricing

Marketing plans for your small business are, by nature, a custom proposition. No two lists are the same, and because of that, it's difficult to gauge how much a generated list will cost without first contacting the vendor. Furthermore, if you need a specially curated list of a niche audience, you might be surprised to find that these specialized lists cost more than other, general lists.

With InfoUSA's lists, besides geographic criteria, there are a number of demographic and consumer-interest categories you can select from, including financial situations, housing situations and hobbies. You can decide if you want to advertise to households of singles or families, certain religions, income levels or ethnicities.

On the B2B side, you can narrow your search not only by location or the industry your target business is in but also by how many employees it has, how many years it's been in operation, if it's a franchise or a publicly traded company, etc. For an additional fee, you can search for businesses with specific credit ratings.

We contacted InfoUSA, posing as a small business owner looking to purchase email and postal addresses for both consumer and B2B leads. The following figures are what we received from InfoUSA. While these prices can provide an estimate of how much some lists cost, your needs may vary depending on the type of list you are looking to purchase.

For postal lists, we were given the following prices:

  • For 5,000 consumer household leads: $600
  • For 5,000 business leads: $1,300
  • For 10,000 consumer household leads: $1,000
  • For 10,000 business leads: $1,800

For email lists, we were given the following prices:

  • For 5,000 consumer household leads: $1,350
  • For 5,000 business leads: $2,050
  • For 10,000 consumer household leads: $2,500
  • For 10,000 business leads: $3,600

Each list comes directly from InfoUSA and can be used for one year, after which you will need to obtain a new list.

The thing that immediately stood out when comparing InfoUSA's prices to the other list brokers we evaluated is that its prices were higher than other list brokers. InfoUSA is one of the larger data compilers in the industry; it's common for list brokers to reach out to InfoUSA to negotiate a better price for their client. If you're dead set on buying your lists directly from the source, you'll pay a premium.


In addition to InfoUSA's list curation services, the company boasts features that help ensure that your lists will boost your marketing return on investment (ROI). Over the course of our research, we found the InfoUSA's extras can give you some peace of mind. These extras include

Satisfaction guaranteed: When it comes to generating mailing lists, it's often difficult for vendors to guarantee anything. Emails change, people move and companies go out of business, so data changes often. InfoUSA boasts a 90% delivery rate on its postal lists and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You are refunded for any portion of a list you order that is undeliverable.

Monthly updates: As a major source for marketing lists, InfoUSA must keep its data up to date, and it does. InfoUSA updates its business lists weekly and its consumer lists monthly. InfoUSA offers opt-in emails and phone number records, along with international consumer and business listings, although its international lists are limited to certain countries. Its database is updated against the National Change of Address file and the Do Not Call List registry.

Direct source: As previously mentioned, many list brokers purchase data from InfoUSA, along with other similar companies like D&B Hoovers. As a true marketing list compiler, you know exactly where your data is coming from.

List hygiene services: If you have an existing list you've used in a direct marketing campaign, InfoUSA can comb through your existing contacts and update them. They can fill in missing data like email addresses or telephone numbers and update addresses if an individual or business has moved. Having InfoUSA update your contacts can save you money and increase your return on investment, since you're no longer sending mailers to addresses where prospects no longer reside.

Additional Considerations

We had a very pleasant experience with InfoUSA's customer service. The rep we spoke with was friendly and answered all of our questions about InfoUSA and its standing in the industry. When we discussed the particular of the lists we wanted to generate, the rep asked questions, making sure they understood our needs before providing us an estimate and breakdown of our lists.

When you sign up for an account (which is free), you are assigned a dedicated representative who will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. That hands-on assistance is very welcome. InfoUSA's website has additional resources that can spark ideas about how you can conduct your campaigns.

InfoUSA can also handle other aspects of marketing, including direct mail and online marketing efforts. If you need designers and marketing specialists, InfoUSA has a professional creative team that can design your postcards or mailers as well as print and mail them.

A similar service for email campaigns is available. They have dozens of templates to choose from. With its email service, you can select prospects for a one-time list, and InfoUSA will carry out your campaign.


While InfoUSA has some definite advantages over other list brokers, one major thing stands out that will give some small businesses pause when considering their services – the price. Of all the vendors we evaluated, InfoUSA's prices were among the highest.

We understand that you're paying for accurate information directly from one of the top list brokers in the industry – still, many businesses will have sticker shock over the price. Whether these costs are worth it to you is entirely up to the nature of your business and its needs.

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The Verdict

InfoUSA is an excellent choice for businesses looking to cut out the middle man and get their information straight from the source.

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins Staff
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