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InfoUSA Review editorial staff, writer
| Updated
Feb 27, 2019
> Marketing

To thrive in today's competitive marketplace, businesses must utilize a blend of different marketing strategies, including using direct mail and email campaigns. Regardless of which method you're using and which audience – businesses or consumers – you're targeting, InfoUSA can help you with each step of your project.



The Best List Broker Services of 2019

The Verdict

InfoUSA has everything you need for a direct marketing campaign, including comprehensive lists, plus templates for both postcards and emails.

InfoUSA features an entire suite of services to aid your campaigns, expand your customer base and drive up your marketing ROI, which is why we award it with the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award. With this list broker service, you can acquire consumer and business mailing lists, set up email broadcasts or get help designing the right postcard to send to potential customers.

If you are short-staffed on designers and marketing specialists, InfoUSA has several direct marketing tools at your disposal. A professional creative team can be tapped to design your postcards or mailers, and they work with a range of materials and branding. They also take care of the printing and mailing.

A similar service for email campaigns is available. The company's team works with you to design emails. They have dozens of templates to choose from that you populate with your


 branding, offer and call to action. With its email service, you can select prospects for a one-time list, and InfoUSA will then carry out your campaign.

If you prefer a direct marketing campaign, however, in addition to lists you order, InfoUSA can comb through your existing contacts and update them. They can fill in missing data like email addresses or telephone numbers and update addresses if a family or business moved. Doing this can save you money and increase your ROI since you're no longer sending mailers to addresses where prospects no longer reside.

If you're coming to InfoUSA for postal, email or telemarketing lists, you can craft your ideal list within minutes and have it delivered shortly thereafter. InfoUSA's database is one the best and most comprehensive of any of the services we reviewed. We not only found it easy to use, but it has unique criteria for refining your lists. For geographic cataloging, there is an abundance of options to select exactly where you want your mailers to go. You can narrow your target down by state, county, city, ZIP code, even street name. For those who are more visual, there is map option that lets you draw the boundaries of where you want your mailers to go or areas you want to exclude. The tools show you the amount of possible leads in the areas you highlight.


Along with geographic criteria, there's a number of demographic and consumer-interest categories you can select from: financial situations, housing situations and hobbies. You can decide if you want to advertise to households of singles or families, certain religions, income levels or ethnicities.

On the B2B side, you can narrow your search not only by the location or industry your target business is in, but also by how many employees it has, how many years it's been in operation, if it's a franchise or a publicly traded company, etc. For an additional fee, you can search for businesses with specific credit ratings.

InfoUSA offers opt-in emails and phone number records, along with international consumer and business listings, although its international lists are limited to certain countries. Its database is updated against the National Change of Address file and Do Not Call List registry every 30 days. InfoUSA has a minimum purchase requirement of $99.

We give InfoUSA top marks in customer service, with helpful representatives and policies. When you sign up for a free account, you are assigned a dedicated representative who is available to answer your questions or concerns about its services. Our experience with InfoUSA was positive. Its representative was straightforward with answers to our questions and usually replied immediately. A handy live chat feature puts help within your reach easily during business hours.


InfoUSA's website has some additional help resources, including a page with tips, articles and guides. The help center can give you ideas on how to conduct your campaigns and which direct marketing practices may have the best impact.

This list broker backs up its lists with a satisfaction guarantee and will refund any bad lead that results in a direct bounce. Further, if more than 8 percent of leads bounce back, the company will refund an additional $0.40 for each bad lead.

InfoUSA earns its top spot with a plethora of attractive features and acts as a one-stop shop for your direct marketing needs. Its basic service as a list broker service goes above and beyond with its comprehensive criteria selection as well as its professional direct marketing services. Customer support from this company was well received, and it strives to make your experience with the company a good one.



The Best List Broker Services of 2019

The Verdict

InfoUSA has everything you need for a direct marketing campaign, including comprehensive lists, plus templates for both postcards and emails. editorial staff editorial staff
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