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By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

While inWhatLanguage has only been incorporated for a few years, the company has rapidly gained global traction as a low-cost, high-quality translation service provider. It earns our recognition for its translation quality and diverse range of services and capabilities, which include desktop publishing, localization testing and wide language support.

The translation agency did exceptionally well in our series of lab tests. Accuracy was high and costs were extremely competitive. While the company typically has a minimum order price that exceeded our needs, when we combined two orders to meet the minimum, the price went on to be one of the lowest on our matrix, especially for such good-quality translations. The company’s superior quality stems in part from its vast network of native-speaking translators and its extensive internal quality control. Whether you need a personal document translated or have a complex localization project, inWhatLanguage should be on your short list of business translation services to consider.

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The Verdict
Vast language support, high-tech capabilities and superior quality control make inWhatLanguage a top choice for personal and business translation projects.
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As a full-service translation agency, inWhatLanguage provides translation, transcription and interpreting services for all industries in more than 160 languages. This number includes some very niche and uncommon languages, many of which other translation services we reviewed do not support. The company's most widely used service is standard document translation. Simply put, inWhatLanguage can translate any document from one language into any other. Additionally, the service offers certified translations. This refers to the translation of official documents that are subject to legal stipulations, such as legal contracts, government-issued certificates and notarized letters.

For translations that extend beyond the confines of a document, inWhatLanguage provides multilingual transcription and multimedia translation. The service can localize scripts, record voice-overs, implement subtitles, and transcribe audio and video files.

Website translation and international search engine optimization (SEO) are also provided by inWhatLanguage, and these are crucial elements in the global expansion of any business. The translation agency has the necessary expertise and resources to localize your website for any locale and enable you to compete in the global internet marketplace.

The service also excels at desktop publishing, a turnkey solution for translating marketing material created in a certain type of software. The material is translated directly in the original source files, and in addition to translating the actual text, the service performs all necessary typesetting and reformatting. The service's experienced desktop publishing team works with all major design applications, including QuarkXPress, AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator. A big advantage of desktop publishing is that the material is sent to you 100 percent complete and ready to be printed; it requires no additional work or cost on your part.

inWhatLanguage uses state-of-the-art translation memory management to assist in the translation process. Translation memory is a type of database that saves translated sentences or segments for future use. The database eliminates repetitive work for translators and is especially useful when revising or changing previously translated material. The only reliable source for precision translation is human translators, but the benefits of using translation memory to aid the process are reduced translation costs, faster turnaround times and greater translation consistency.

inWhatLanguage delivers excellent support resources, including free service quotes, designated project managers and excellent references for potential customers. It also offers an online customer portal and a dedicated project manager that serves as your single point of contact, making it quick and easy to get essential project updates. The company’s blog contains many interesting and useful articles and the website is scattered with informational videos and articles.

The inWhatLanguage translation service employs only certified and formally educated translators that are native speakers of the language they work in. Each translator must meet stringent requirements and undergo a series of assessments to evaluate their professionalism, ethics comprehension and translation proficiency. Furthermore, once certified by inWhatLanguage, translators are required to continually meet certification requirements. The service's translator network is comprised of more than 5,000 linguists across the world. Having such a large pool of thoroughly vetted resources ensures the service can find the right linguist for every project, no matter how basic or high-tech.

inWhatLanguage lacks some of the specific industry certifications we look for in translation services, including the ISO 9001 certification and the EN 15038 credential (a newer but internationally recognized quality standard for translation service providers). However, the translation agency is compliant with the established, open standards of the Localization Industry Standards Association. Additionally, inWhatLanguage is a GSA contractor and is authorized to provide translation services to government entities.

Certifications notwithstanding, inWhatLanguage's internal quality control procedures are impressive. Each project follows a comprehensive workflow model, starting with project approval and the assignment of a project manager and translators whose backgrounds reflect the needs of the project. The process has built-in quality control checks, which help ensure accurate translation while expediting production. Once translation of the source text is complete, a multi-step quality control check ensues, starting with a basic but thorough proofreading of the translation. The service reviews every aspect of the translation, including grammar, spelling, writing style and context. Furthermore, each project undergoes several QA checks to produce an accurate and readable rendition.

With excellent high-tech capabilities and proven quality control checks, inWhatLanguage has rightfully earned a spot among the best translation services in the industry. The company is an excellent value for both businesses and individuals seeking certified, high-quality translation services.

Translation Software and Service
The Verdict
Vast language support, high-tech capabilities and superior quality control make inWhatLanguage a top choice for personal and business translation projects.
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